buy Rilakkuma Padlock

Rilakkuma Padlock

Now you can lock up your stuff with this Rilakkuma Padlock.

If you have seen Rilakkuma And Kaoru on Netflix then you know what this is all about and if not then you should check it out.

This padlock is great looking as the lock looks like the bear head of Rilakkuma with a metal bar on the top just like a normal padlock and comes with two keys so that you have a spare if you lose one.

A cute lock like this is great for locking suitcase, backpacks, boxes, and maybe even the back gate as it is a lock we all know and use.

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buy Hello Kitty Padlock

Hello Kitty Padlock

Now there is a fun Hello Kitty Padlock.

This is a small lock that is TSA approved so that you can use it on your suitcase while traveling and besides that, you can use the Hello Kitty lock on lockers and other things you want a lock on.

The padlock looks like the head of Hello Kitty complete with her red bow and the red bow can also be found on the keys so that it is easy to find the right key for the lock on your key chain.

Any Hello Kitty fan that needs a lock should take a closer look at this as it is just so fun to have.

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buy Hello Kitty Case With Lock

Hello Kitty Case With Lock

Hello Kitty Case With Lock

Lock up your jewelery and valuables with a fun and stylish case.

This is a reall cool lock box that features the popular feline Hello Kitty, a head shot of her wearing her pink bow is on top along with an argyle pattern and some hearts in the background.

The lock is absolutely awsome, it is a Hello Kitty head shaped lock with …… of course a pink bow and comes with two keys.

A very durable plastic case that measures Height 2-1/4 inch x Length 5-1/2 inch x Width 8-1/2 inch.

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buy Hannah Montana Combination Lock

Hannah Montana Combination Lock

Hannah Montana Combination lock

Having a school and / or gym locker brings a lot of responsibilities. You of course want it to look cool and hip without making it scream at others.

That is why you need a cool lock. This Hannah Montana lock will do the trick because Hannah is cool and this look is awesome.

Elmer’s makes this Lock’em Hannah Montana lock and that stands for quality. Then of course the lock is a combination lock so no need to have a key (that you can loose) just remember the combination and you are good to go.

And if you don’t have a locker then just think of all those other things you could lock if you had a cool lock like this one.

Start your trip to coolness with this Hannah Montana Combination Lock.