buy Dharma Initiative Sigg Water Bottle

Dharma Initiative Sigg Water Bottle

Must have for a Lost fan!!!

Every Lost fan needs Dharma Initiative water, lets face it there is no other kind!

This is a water bottle that has the “DHARMA INITIATIVE WATER” written underneath a nice big Dharma Initiative logo. Made by the trusted brand name of SIGG, you know this is a quality water bottle.

Made from aluminum this is a durable crack resistant bottle, yet lightweight and BPA-free, also you will have a life time warranty.

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Oceanic Airlines Stewardess iPhone Case

Oceanic Airlines Stewardess iPhone 4 case for the real lost fan

A new iPhone case that is what your phone deserves and this one based on the hit TV series Lost is a great case.

It is made for your iPhone 4. And it has a Oceanic Airlines Stewardess on it just like the one from Flight 815.

The colors of this case make it more for girls then guys but still it is a great addition to your Lost collection.

Go have a better look at this Oceanic Airlines Stewardess iPhone 4 Case.

buy Oceanic Airlines Hoodie

Oceanic Airlines Hoodie

Oceanic Airlines is maybe not the most reliable airline you can fly with but still they are so famous because they where on TV on that series called Lost.

And because they are so famous you just want to have some clothing to show the world that you know them to.

So stop looking for great clothing and just order this Oceanic Airlines Hoodie.


Oceanic Airlines T-Shirt


Lost, The hit T.V. series has alot more comedy in it than a non-fan might know. Here is a pretty funny and ironic T-shirt of flight 815. On the front is one of the safety information card sheets leting you know how to brace for time travel. And on the back of the T-shirt is another safety information card sheet warning you about some of the dangers encountered on the show. This is a great T-shirt that all fans of the show will really appreciate.

Find your Oceanic Airlines T-Shirt.