buy Louise Screaming Beach Towel

Louise Screaming Beach Towel

Now there is this Louise Screaming Beach Towel that is just perfect for all the true fans of Bob’s Burgers.

The Bob’s Burgers towel is 27.5 x 15.7 inches making it a great size for a shower at home but also for taking to the pool or beach.

As you can see the towel has a yellow background and on top of that you can find Louise Belcher and she seems to be scream as her mouth is wide open and she is pulling on the braids of the pink bunny ears hat that she always wear.

I am sure that using this fun Louise towel will make you smile.

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buy Bob’s Burgers Louise Face Mask

Bob’s Burgers Louise Face Mask

Now there is this Bob’s Burgers Louise Face Mask that will look great on your and your friends and keep you all safer.

This Bob’s Burgers face mask is one size fits most as it is adjustable in sizes. And this mask is waterproof and breathable and great for keeping the viruses out and also keeps out dust and pollution and it can even hold a filter (not included) to give you some more protection.

Most face mask are boring but now there is this one that shows Louise Belcher and her famous pink rabbit ears hat and then in the background you can find some other characters from the show to make it even more fun.

So if you want a face mask to help contain viruses and more and you like Bob’s Burgers then this is really what you need.

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buy Louise Belcher You Idiot T-Shirt

Louise Belcher You Idiot T-Shirt

Bob’s Burgers fans can now get this fun Louise Belcher You Idiot T-Shirt.

This Bob’s Burgers t-shirt is unisex so perfect for both men and women that like Louise.

The t-shirt is available in sizes Small – 3XL for that perfect fit you like.

On the t-shirt you can see a fun image of Louise that is a little bit different than the real Louise but that makes it even better. She is pointing at people you will meet and below her there is a banner that says “You Idiot” and that way everyone you meet will know that everyone you meet is an idiot.

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buy Louise Socks

Louise Socks

Bob’s Burgers fans can now have warm feet all thanks to these Louise Socks.

If Louise Belcher is your favorite Bob’s Burgers character and you want some fun socks then this is what you need.

These Bob’s Burgers socks are the same green as the dress Louise wears and there is bunny pink on the top edge, toes, and heel and then the rest of the socks have the head of Louise including her bunny hat on it.

These crew socks are made from 98% polyester and 2% spandex.

Not only can you now have warm feet you can also have the badass Louise with you where ever you go like school, work, a friends house or just to be comfy at home.

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buy Bob’s Burgers Salt And Pepper Shaker Set

Bob’s Burgers Salt And Pepper Shaker Set

Now you can spice up your food with this Bob’s Burgers Salt And Pepper Shaker Set.

Bob knows to add salt and pepper to his burgers and now you can add at home too because this shaker set can hold the spices you need.

The shaker set includes a Tina and a Louise shaker and that means that the Bob’s Burgers family is bringing the spice to you.

Tina Belcher is about 4 inches tall and Louise Belcher is thanks to her bunny ears 5.5 inches tall and both are made from ceramic with a plastic cover on the bottom to make adding salt and pepper easy.

And the Tina and Louise shakers come in a fun box to make it a fun present too.

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buy Louise Pink And Green Backpack

Louise Pink And Green Backpack

Now Bob’s Burgers fan can have this fun Louise pink and green backpack.

The backpack is light green in color just like the dress that Louise Belcher wears and then on the back pocket you can see her face and her pink bunny ears hat and the bunny ears stick all the way to the top. The Bob’s Burgers backpack has also two mesh pockets on the side for things like an apple or a water bottle.

Inside the 17 x 11 x 6 inch backpack you will also have a laptop sleeve to store you computer securely.

A backpack like this is something true Bob’s Burgers fans will think is fun to have.

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buy Bob’s Burgers Louise Wallet

Bob’s Burgers Louise Wallet

Now there is a Louise wallet that is a must have for all the Bob’s Burgers fans.

This is a Bob’s Burgers bifold wallet that is green just like the dress that Louise is wearing and on the outside of the wallet you can see the happy face of Louise complete with her pink bunny ears hat.

The insides of this wallet is pink and offers many card slots including one for you ID that has a window. And like any real wallet there is plenty of room for cash.

We know that Louise takes parts of the allowance of Tina and Gene so she knows she need this wallet because it can hold all the money she has.

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buy Louise Car Sun Shade

Louise Car Sun Shade

If you like your car when it is not to hot and you like Louise Belcher from Bob’s Burgers then you should check out this Louie car sun shade.

The foldable car sun shade is just fun to have in your car because it makes it look that Louise is driving your car and Kuchi Kopi is sitting next to her and there are some other creatures in the car too.

So now not only will you car be cooler because the Bob’s Burgers sun shade will block the sun it also will look funny because of the print on the car sun shade.

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buy Louise Beanie Hat

Louise Beanie Hat

Bob’s Burgers don’t have to get a cold head any more thanks to this Louise beanie hat.

The Bob’s Burgers winter hat is black and has a pink pompom on the top and on the black hat you can find and image of Louise Belcher and she is wearing her pink bunny ears hat which makes it kind of you are wearing two hat at once.

The Louise winter hat is one size fits most and is made from 100% acrylic so that you will be comfy and warm when you have this on your head.

Just get ready for a snowball fight with a hat like this.

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buy Louise Christmas Sweater

Louise Christmas Sweater

If you are a big Bob’s Burgers fan then you need this Louise Christmas sweater.

The Bob’s Burgers Christmas sweater is unisex so that it works on both men and women that like the bunny-eared Louise.

The Christmas sweater is red and white and you can find Kuchi Kopi on the sleeves. There are rows of burgers and on the front, you can find a big picture of Louise Belcher with her famous Pink bunny ears hat and below Louise, it says “I Don’t Appreciate Your Lack Of Sarcasm”.

The Bob’s Burgers Christmas sweater comes in sizes Small – 3XL and is made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester.

Now you can go party in Louise style thanks to this Christmas sweater.

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