buy Snoopy Kisses Lucy Never Ending Calendar

Snoopy Kisses Lucy Never Ending Calendar

Now there is this Snoopy Kisses Lucy Never Ending Calendar for all the fans of the Peanuts cartoons that like to know what day it is.

This is a perpetual calendar and that means it will never end as you change that day manually everyday of the year.

The Peanuts calendar looks super cute as it shows Lucy standing next to a cabinet with a lamp and clock on top and the calendar inside it and Lucy is getting a big wet kiss from Snoopy and that even scares the cute bunny slippers she is wearing.

It is just something really fun on a desk or a shelve in your home or office and everyone will know that you like Snoopy and the Peanuts comics.

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buy Peanuts Wall Decal Set

Peanuts Wall Decal Set

The Peanuts gang brighten up any space they take over and can put a smile on your face almost immediately.  This wall decal set can make that happen in one room or multiple rooms, it is all up to you.

The wall decal set includes 11 different Peanut characters. Snoopy, Franklin, Linus, Woodstock, Lucy, Sally, Charlie Brown, Marcie, Peppermint Patty, Pig Pen and Schroeder, the whole gang is here. They are all so colorful and perfectly posed.

All of the decals come on one sheet measuring 4’4″ by 6’7″. Individual sizes range from 27″ x 27″ to 7″ x 8″. They can also be removed and reused and are made from a high quality vinyl that is tear and fade resistant.

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buy Women’s Charlie Brown And Lucy Football Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Women’s Charlie Brown And Lucy Football Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Women love their football too, and no one better than Lucy van Pelt, except when it comes to Charlie Brown. She is always messing with Charlie Brown’s football kick offs. Poor Charlie.

This long sleeve t-shirt features a graphic of Lucy pulling away the football as Charlie Brown tries to kick it with all his might. Charlie Brown is also yelling “AAUGH”.

The sweater comes in 3 different colors to choose from, black, white and grey. The long sleeve shirt also comes in women’s sizes ranging from Small to 2XL. So it will be a great for all the Peanuts fans on your “must buy” list.

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buy The Peanuts Beatles Women’s T-Shirt

The Peanuts Beatles Women’s T-Shirt

The fun Peanuts characters are always up to something, this time they are mixing things up with the popular album cover “Abbey Road” from The Beatles.

On the front of this women’s scoop neck t-shirt you see Woodstock, Snoopy, Lucy and Charlie Brown walking across the famous zebra crossing of Abbey Road and just like the Beatles album cover the title above them says “The Peanuts”.

This is a women’s fitted t-shirt that features a large scoop neck and is available in a wide selection of sizes that range from XSmall to XL and choose from 7 fun, cool and vibrant colors.

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buy Lucy Loud And Proud Women’s T-Shirt

Lucy Loud And Proud Women’s T-Shirt

If you know the Peanuts cartoons then you know Lucy van Pelt as she is kind of a loud person that always wants to get her opinions heard.

And now there is a special Lucy t-shirt for women that like Peanuts.

This women’s t-shirt has a v-neck and comes in many fun colors from pink to black so that you can get one in the color that fits you best. The Lucy t-shirt is made from 100% cotton and shows Lucy Standing with a big smile on her face and besides her it says “Loud and Proud”.

Show the world that you like or are a Lucy by wearing a fun shirt like this.

Get your Lucy Loud And Proud Women’s T-Shirt

buy Peanuts Gang Movie Round Wall Clock

Peanuts Gang Movie Round Wall Clock

All of the adorable, fun and playful Peanuts characters are now here to help keep track of the time with you and make any room look that much better.

On this round wall clock you will find an image of The Peanuts Gang, find Charlie Brown and Snoopy held up high in the air by Lucy, Linus and Peppermint Patty. Also in the image is Franklin and Sally, at the bottom of the clock find the official movie logo of “THE PEANUTS MOVIE”.

This is a round wall clock that measures 9.5 inches in diameter and has a beautiful stylish half inch border frame in black making this wall clock look amazing.

Get your Peanuts Gang Movie Round Wall Clock

buy Lucy Adult Halloween Costume

Lucy Adult Halloween Costume

If you always wanted to be Lucy from the cartoon Peanuts then now you can.

This Halloween costume transform you into Doctor Lucy.

As you can see the Halloween costume has the famous blue dress that Lucy wear the famous black hair and shoes. And all that is not like in normal fabric no it’s more puffy giving it a cartoon like look and that of course is what you expect from a Peanuts Halloween costume.’

On the blue dress you can see Lucy’s boot and her name so that people will understand pretty quickly who you really are.

And this Peanuts Halloween costume is great for kids and adults.

Get your Lucy Adult Halloween Costume

buy Peanuts Christmas Pillow

Peanuts Christmas Pillow

Peanuts Christmas Pillow with Snoopy and the gang

Looking for a nice pillow for Christmas?

How about one with the Peanuts gang on it?

This white pillow has a fun picture of Snoopy, Woodstock, Charlie Brown and the rest of the Peanuts characters all together with a nice Christmas tree and they are singing and below that picture it says “Christmas time is here” and we of course know that from the movie.

The Peanuts pillow is 20 inch square and has a hidden zipper to make it easier to wash the cover if some eggnog is spilled on it.

Make the Peanuts gang part of you Christmas decor with this Peanuts Christmas Pillow.

buy Lucy I Feel Mean Flip Flops

Lucy I Feel Mean Flip Flops

Peanuts fans that need some new flip flops just have to see these.

The footbed of these Peanuts flip flops are purple and are covered with nice flowers and Lucy.
On foot has a big picture of Lucy looking not real happy and the other has Lucy and her saying “I Feel Mean”.

It is typical Lucy and that makes these flip flops so fun.

And these Lucy flip flops comes in a wide range of kids and adult sizes.

Get your Lucy I Feel Mean Flip Flops

buy Peanuts Christmas Express Electric Illuminated Train

Peanuts Christmas Express Electric Illuminated Train

The fun-loving characters from the Peanuts Gang are ready to celebrate the holidays.

This is a “Peanuts” Illuminated Electric Christmas Train that is made with a great deal of attention to detail, with amazing full-color artwork and hand painted figures. The locomotive engine has a headlight that lights up and Snoopy the engineer hanging out the window. Charlie Brown and Linus stand around there one ornament Christmas tree and find many more great features.

With 4 separate issues collect them all and watch this fun Peanuts Gang illuminated electric Christmas train go around the complete oval track that measures 38″ x 47″; 96.5 cm x 119.4 cm.

Get your Peanuts Christmas Express Electric Illuminated Train

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