buy New Girl 5 Piece Coaster Set

New Girl 5 Piece Coaster Set

New Girl 5 Piece Cast Coaster Set

If watching New Girl makes stains on your table then getting this New Girl coaster set will solve that.

The coaster set has 5 coasters and all of them are different. Each coaster has a yellow background and the words “New Girl” and then one cast member so there is one for Jess, Cece, Nick, Winston and Schmidt.

So not only will you prevent stains from forming on your table you will also have fun coasters based on this fun TV show.

The coasters are great fun to have and they show all the main characters so what else do you want?

Come and get your own New Girl 5 Piece Cast Coaster Set.

buy New Girl Wall Calendar 2014

New Girl Wall Calendar 2014

2014 New Girl Wall Calendar

Do you want a calendar that is about Jess and her friends and roommates?

If you do then this New Girl calendar is perfect for you.

The 2014 New Girl wall calendar will bring you lots of fun photo’s and of course a great calendar so that you know when your birthday is an on witch date Christmas is this year.

And the New Girl calendar will give you 4 more months that start in 2013 so this New Girl calendar can tell you twice when Christmas is.

A great gift for yourself, a friend or that empty spot on the wall.

Come get it now, get your New Girl Wall Calendar 2014.

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buy New Girl Red Bunny iPhone Case

New Girl Red Bunny iPhone Case

Jess from New Girl has a fun style and so even her iPhone has a case that you will not see often in the wild.

But now you can have a red bunny case just like Jess has.

You can now make your iPhone look like a red bunny and yes of course it comes with a fluffy tail.
And you can easily take the tail of so that you don’t always have to take it around with your. The red bunny tail also work as a stand for your iPhone so now this red case became even more fun.

And just like Jesses case this red iPhone case has bunny ears sticking up making it so much more fun.

When you get this New Girl iPhone case they even give you a free screen protector so that you phone is more fun and protected.

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buy New Girl Jess Day Lifesize Cutout

New Girl Jess Day Lifesize Cutout

New Girl Jess Day Lifesize Cutout

There is Jess the girl from New Girl that has all those crazzy things happening.

And now you can have Jess Day in your life everyday.
OK maybe not in flesh and blood but this carboard cutout of Jess looks amazingly real.

It is 68″ high and that means that you can have an almost lifesize¬†Zooey Deschanel.

Jess will be dressing up your parties and just be her silent self while mingeling your parties or just standing in a corner of a room.

New Girls fans should have a closer look at this New Girl Jess Day Carboard Cutout.