buy Pan Am Passport Cover

Pan Am Passport Cover

Now you an travel in style with your new Pan Am Passport Cover.

The passport cover show the classic Pan Am logo as used by the airline and like it is used in the Pan Am TV series.

You can get the passport cover in black and in white and inside it you can find slots of cards so that you can have your credit and frequent flyer cards all together and on the other side you can find an windowed pocket for you passport so that it is protected and still easy to see.

Now you can have your travel needs together and show the world that you didn’t forget about Pan Am.

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buy Pan Am Luggage Tag

Pan Am Luggage Tag

Go back in time and still be from the now with this Pan Am luggage tag.

This blue luggage tag shows the Pan Am logo on it and this logo is embossed to make it look even more amazing.

As a good luggage tag also the Pan Am one has room to store you information just in case your current airline would loose you luggage as they of course are not as good as Pan Am would have bin if they where still around.

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buy Pan Am Orion Bag

Pan Am Orion Bag

Yes this is the bag you see the Pan Am stewardesses carry on the TV series Pan Am.

This is also a vintage looking bag that the a real Pan Am stewardess would carry in the days of Pan Am.

This bag of course has a nice handlebar for easy carrying and it also comes with a adjustable shoulder strap so that you don’t hold it in your hands all the time.

As expected this bag has a huge Pan Am logo printed on it witch makes it the bag it is.

And to make it fit with you waredrobe they make this bag in 4 different colors:

  • Dark Blue
  • Light Blue
  • Black
  • White

So you can select the color that fits you best and carry it around where ever you go.

This bag is perfect for light travel, school, shopping and any other task that needs a nice bag.

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buy Pan Am Poster

Pan Am Poster

If you are in to the abc series Pan Am then you love this Pan Am poster.

On this poster you can find all  the stewardesses that you see on the TV.
There is Maggie Ryan, Laura Cameron, Kate Cameron and of course Collete Valois.

This poster makes a great piece of decoration in your home as it besides being a TV poster also looks like a vintage travel poster.

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