buy Captain America Tin Sign

Captain America Tin Sign

Retro style Captain America metal sign

Retro looking items are hot and Captain America is hot to so both are so amazing that you just need it.

This 16 x 12.5 inch metal sign has a vintage look and a great picture of Captain America.
And the sign has pre drilled holes for easy mounting.

It doesn’t matter if you are a retro collector or a superhero collector this sign will find it’s spot in your collection.

Come and have a closer look at this Captain America Vintage Metal Sign.

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buy Women’s Avengers Logo T-Shirt

Women’s Avengers Logo T-Shirt

Women's Avengers vintage Logo T-Shirt

This vintage looking t-shirt is for the girls out there that are in to superhero’s and as it is hard to find one in real life they settled for the hero’s from the Avengers movie and comics.

So this junior fit t-shirt comes in a range of sizes and is charcoal grey and has a red worn Avengers logo on it.

This Marvel t-shirt is made out of 100% soft cotton and will look amazing on you.

Come check out this Marvel Avengers Logo T-Shirt.

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buy Little Miss Olive Oil T-Shirt

Little Miss Olive Oil T-Shirt

There we have Olive the lady friend of our favorite sailor Popeye.

This pink vinatage looking t0shirt shows Olive and the text “Little Miss Olive Oil”. And sure Olive’s name is based on Olive Oil but we all know that you wirte it like Oyl and that makes this t-shirt funny.

This women’s t-shirt has a junior fit and comes in a wide range of sizes and if an officially licensed Popeye product.

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buy Smurfs Do It Better T-Shirt

Smurfs Do It Better T-Shirt

The Smurfs Do It Better T-Shirt

We all know that the Smurfs do everything better.

And that is what this t-shirt is all about.

On this t-shirt you see a very happy Smurf and the words “Smurfs do it better!”.

This all is printed in a vintage style print on an off the shoulder fit t-shirt for women.

So if the Smurfs are your thing then come see this Smurfs Do It Better T-Shirt.

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Betty Boop Bathings Suits Metal Sign

Betty Boop metal sing for bathing suits

Metal signs are a thing from the olden days and that makes them so nice to collect.

This sign shows Betty Boop wearing a blue bathing suit and this is an ad for Bathing suits.

An emameled paint makes this sign very nice in color and very durable. The Betty Boop sign is 12.5 x 16 inches in size.

A vintage looking sign like this should get a very special place in your Betty Boop collection.

Come see Betty Boop in her bathing suit on this Betty Boop Bathing Suits Metal Sign.

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Wizard Of OZ Yellow Brick Road Tin Sign

Wizard Of OZ Yellow Brick Road Tin Sign

Classic, there is no better word for The Wizard of OZ.

This is a tin sign that portrays this awsome movie The Wizard of OZ starring Judy Garland as Dorothy, with the main characters headed down the yellow brick, Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion clinching arms and off to see the Wizard.

Measuring 16 inches wide x 12.5 inches in height this collectable vintage tin sign is ready to hang on the wall and make any room inviting.

Get your Wizard Of OZ Yellow Brick Road Tin Sign.


Fozzie Bear Mousepad

The Muppets Fozzie bear mousepad

Vintage is the new hip and that is what you see on lots of products.

Like this mousepad, it has a old looking print of Fozzie bear the fun bear from the Muppet Show.

This Muppet likes to entertain and now he is on stage with a plastic chicken and a banana peel and even a lable on the mouspad saying “Unbearably Funny”.

Of course this mousepad does not only look good it is good to. It can last you many many years and it’s no slip back keeps it in place while you are using the mouse.

Be part of The Muppets with this Fozzie Bear Mousepad.


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buy Pan Am Luggage Tag

Pan Am Luggage Tag

Go back in time and still be from the now with this Pan Am luggage tag.

This blue luggage tag shows the Pan Am logo on it and this logo is embossed to make it look even more amazing.

As a good luggage tag also the Pan Am one has room to store you information just in case your current airline would loose you luggage as they of course are not as good as Pan Am would have bin if they where still around.

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Decepticon T-Shirt

Transformers Decepticons T-Shirt

Transformers fans will love this Decepticons t-shirt.

On this t-shirt you see of course a Transformer with a big weapon and it is surrounded by rays of light and below the picture is says “Decepticons”. To me it has the feel of an old comunist propaganda poster making it all the more vintage looking.

If you suppoer Decepticon then what are you waiting for?

Go order you own Transformers Decepticons T-Shirt.


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buy Pan Am Orion Bag

Pan Am Orion Bag

Yes this is the bag you see the Pan Am stewardesses carry on the TV series Pan Am.

This is also a vintage looking bag that the a real Pan Am stewardess would carry in the days of Pan Am.

This bag of course has a nice handlebar for easy carrying and it also comes with a adjustable shoulder strap so that you don’t hold it in your hands all the time.

As expected this bag has a huge Pan Am logo printed on it witch makes it the bag it is.

And to make it fit with you waredrobe they make this bag in 4 different colors:

  • Dark Blue
  • Light Blue
  • Black
  • White

So you can select the color that fits you best and carry it around where ever you go.

This bag is perfect for light travel, school, shopping and any other task that needs a nice bag.

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