buy Dunder Mifflin Planter

Dunder Mifflin Planter

Now fans of The Office can have this Dunder Mifflin Planter in their home or at work.

This planter is made from resin and even comes with a fake plant if you don’t want to use it for a real plant.

The planter looks like a paper box from Dunder Mifflin and that makes it so perfectly fit with The Office.

A cute planter like this is great on your desk or a shelve and if you put a real plant in it you can even make oxygen in your home or office.

This planter comes in a nice box to making it a really nice present.

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buy Groot Planter / Pencil Holder

Groot Planter / Pencil Holder

Now there is this fun Groot Planter / Pencil Holder for everyone that loves the famous Groot from the Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy stories.

This Groot character is made from PVC and is about 6 inches tall and show Groot resting his head on his hand with a big smile on its face and the top of the head is open and hollowed head so that you can use it as a planter or even a pencil holder.

As Groot is a tree it could be fun to put a little tree in his head or just some cute flowers or just your pens and pencils from your desk.

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