buy Sesame Street Elmo Christmas Stocking

Sesame Street Elmo Christmas Stocking

Sesame Street Elmo Christmas Stocking

If you kid is crazy about Elmo from Sesame Street then you should take a look at this personalized Christmas stocking.

This 16 inch tall stocking is just like any other stocking just better.

On the back and the front you can find a fun snowflake pattern and on the front you can also find Elmo with a hat on and a present in his hands and then to make it all complete the top of the stocking has you kids name on it in red letters against a white background.

The name can be up to 10 characters and can say anything you want.

Make Christmas extra special with this Sesame Street Personalized Elmo Christmas Stocking.

buy Elmo And Cookie Monster Waffle Maker

Elmo And Cookie Monster Waffle Maker

Sesame Street Elmo And Cookie Monster Waffle Maker

You know who like waffles for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

Elmo and of course Cookie Monster. And now you can have waffles for breakfast, lunch and dinner that have Elmo and Cookie Monster on it.

This Sesame Street waffle maker makes perfect square waffles that have an impression of Elmo and Cookie Monster on them. Kids are gone love these waffles and yes adults to of course.

The yellow waffle maker is perfect for any home as it can be put away standing so that it takes up very little space in your pantry.

On top of the waffle maker there are you two favorite Sesame Street characters Cookie Monster and Elmo to.

Is it time for food yet? If so can we have waffles please made with this Sesame Street Elmo And Cookie Monster Waffle Maker.

buy Personalized Elmo Pillow

Personalized Elmo Pillow

Kids love Elmo from Sesame Street and now they can have an Elmo pillow that also has their name on it.

How cool would it be to have an Sesame Street pillow that has my name.

On this 14 x 14 inch pillow you can see Elmo play peek-a-boo and he is hiding behind a sign that in blue that has a name on it and this could be yours.

Kids are gone love their Elmo pillow and will be happy when it’s around lying in a chair, bed or the ground while they play.

The pillow cover can be removed so that Elmo can get some spot cleaning done when needed.

Get your Personalized Elmo Pillow

buy Pixel Bert And Ernie Watch

Pixel Bert And Ernie Watch

Pixel Bert and Ernie Watch

Bert and Ernie have been a staple on Sesame Street since roughly 1969. They teach us lessons on a daily basis and are such a pair that they have been putting smiles on our faces just as long.

This watch features our favorite Sesame Street friends, Bert and Ernie. The picture of the two of them in the face of the watch is created from pixels to make them look like they stepped right out of Minecraft type of game. They are so cute!

The diameter of the watch face is 1.2″ and the width of the band is .65″ and the length of the band is 9.5″. It is hand assembled and is water resistant. You can also pick different colors for the top band, bottom band, the keeper band and the face of the watch. You are sure to have a one of a kind watch.

Play a little what time is it Mr. Wolf with the Pixel Bert And Ernie Watch.

buy Sesame Street Super Grover Cape T-Shirt

Sesame Street Super Grover Cape T-Shirt

Sesame Street Super Grover Cape T-Shirt

He observes…He questions…He investigates. Does this sound like your little one?

Now your child can not only act like Super Grover, but look like him too with this cute Sesame Street t-shirt.

This front of this bright blue t-shirt has a picture of Super Grover in his Centurion helmet, letter “G” on his chest and red cape, ready to fly off to help a child. His name and seven yellow stars are printed around his image.

The back of this t-shirt has a detachable red cape with Super Grover’s crest on it – a yellow lightning bolt behind the red letter “G”.

This 50% cotton / 50% polyester toddler t-shirt comes in sizes 2T and 3T.

Take a good look at this Sesame Street Super Grover Cape Kids T-Shirt.

buy Sesame Street Everything I Know T-Shirt

Sesame Street Everything I Know T-Shirt

Everything I Know Sesame Street T-Shirt

We all know, love and grew up watching the classic childrens television learning show Sesame Street, now it is time to pay back respect and get into this great t-shirt.

On the front of this t-shirt you will find some of the fun characters from the hit television show Sesame Street, find Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Elmo and Oscar The Grouch in a faded retro print with the saying “Everything I Know I learned On The Streets”.

Make this your favorite go to t-shirt, I am sure it will get a lot of looks, laughs and really just attenetion.

Show off this Sesame Street Everything I Know I Learned On The Streets T-Shirt.

buy Cookie Monster Toddler And Kids Costume

Cookie Monster Toddler And Kids Costume

Sesame Street Cookie Monster Toddler And Kids Costume

Kids love Sesame Street and Cookie Monster is of course one of their favorites.

And this Halloween toddlers and kids can become this cute blue monster that loves cookies.

An all in one jumpsuit that is easy to put on and fun to wear for kids. Soft and cuddly will the kids become when they start looking like Cookie Monster with two big eyes on top of the hood.

You can get this Cookie Monster costume comes in many sizes from toddler and small children..

Besides being great for Halloween kids are gone love this costume many more days when they want to play to be a cute monster.

Come and get a closer look this Sesame Street Kids Cookie Monster Costume.

buy Bert And Ernie Bathtime T-Shirt

Bert And Ernie Bathtime T-Shirt

Sesame Street Bert And Ernie Bathtime

Sunny day, sweepin’ the clouds away. On my way to where the air is sweet. Oh the lovely opening song of the classic and long running children’s television show, Sesame Street. Who better to share bath time but the roomies, Bert and Ernie.

This t-shirt features a colorful graphic of Bert and Ernie sharing a very bubbly, bubble bath. They are in a clawfoot tub and Ernie has his rubber duckie and Burt has his body wash and brush.

Adult sizes range from Small to XXL.

Put a smile on someone’s face by wearing the Sesame Street Bert And Ernie Bathtime T-Shirt.

buy Sesame Street Ernie Adult Bodysuit Costume

Sesame Street Ernie Adult Bodysuit Costume

Ernie Adult Bodysuit Costume

You don’t need to be a child to get a fun Halloween costume.

This Sesame Street officially licenced Ernie costume for adults will show everyone that you are as carefree and outgoing as the puppet Ernie.

This full head to toe bodysuit costume in adult size and is made of a spandex/polyester blend so it fits like a second skin and closes with a zipper up the back.

You can see that this jumpsuit looks just like Ernie with his bright blue pants and horizontal stripped red, blue and white shirt. It comes with fabric hands and a head mask with his black hair.

So grab your Rubber Duckie and go to the party with this Sesame Street Ernie Adult Bodysuit Costume.

buy Big Bird Hot Shorts

Big Bird Hot Shorts

Big Bird Hot Shorts

No matter how boring your outfit is, you can be bright and cheery underneath when you wear these cute panties from Sesame Street Workshop.

This underwear displays one of the show’s most endearing characters, Big Bird.

These bright yellow and white horizontal stripe undies have a black line drawing of Big Bird’s head with his cute smile on the front and his name written on the back.

These 93% nylon, 7% spandex panties have just enough stretch for a comfy fit and are seamless so you can wear them under anything. They come in women’s junior sizes S to XL.

Remember one of Sesame Street’s most loved creatures with these Big Bird Hot Shorts.