buy PAW Patrol Chase Helmet

PAW Patrol Chase Helmet

Now kids can play outside and be safe all thanks to this PAW Patrol Chase Helmet.

This PAW Patrol helmet is great for riding your bicycle, skateboard, and other activities. The helmet is for toddlers ages 3 -5 and they will love it.

The helmet looks like Chase from Paw Patrol complete with his dog ears and his police hat.

Now your child can do it’s thing without worrying about them getting hurt while looking like Chase which may make them want to play Chase all day while playing.

Now it’s time to get out the bike and start enjoying the time outsides.

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buy Batman Logo Sneakers For Toddlers

Batman Logo Sneakers For Toddlers

Now your little one can be wearing these fun Batman Logo Sneakers For Toddlers.

The Batman sneakers come in a bunch of sizes for toddlers and little kids.

As you can see the sneakers are white with black elastic bungee laces and then on top a velcro close that says Batman on top of it. On the side of the show you can see a black Batman logo and inside the shows you will find a yellow lining that is covered to the famous Batman symbol too.

Even if your child does not understand Batman yet but you are a big fan then these shoes are made for the kids because you can show off how cool these sneakers look on them.

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buy Simba Kids Costume

Simba Kids Costume

If your child like to be a Lion for Halloween then this Simba Kids Costume is what they need.

Now there is this Lion King costume that comes in many toddler and little kids sizes and includes everything you need besides maybe some shoes.

There is a yellow jumpsuit complete with a lions tail and there is a big Simba head too to make you look even more like the real Simba while keeping enough space to show you kids face making it easy for them to talk and see even when wearing the mask.

I am sure that your child will be an amazing lion as if they just came out of the Lion King.

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buy Elmo Long Sleeve Toddler Shirt

Elmo Long Sleeve Toddler Shirt

Little Sesame Street fans can now be wearing this Elmo Long Sleeve Toddler Shirt.

This Elmo shirt looks like a red t-shirt with blue long sleeves like you are wearing two shirts. On the front of the red shirt you can see a big head of Elmo and he looks really happy and for everyone that does not know who that red creature is they put his name below it.

You can get this Sesame Street shirt in kids sizes 12 months – 4T and they are all made from 100% cotton.

I am sure that you child will love this fun Elmo shirt and I would expect them to want to wear this shirt all the time.

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buy Toddler Sesame Street Bert Costume

Toddler Sesame Street Bert Costume

Now there is this fun Toddler Sesame Street Bert Costume.

If you child loves Sesame Street and want a fun costume for Halloween then this Bert costume is what they need.

The Sesame Street costume is available in toddler sizes T2, T3, and T4 and includes a jumpsuit and a headpiece.

The jumpsuit looks just like the clothing Bert wears and the headpiece is the yellow head of Bert from the nose up and yes it does include his big ears and funny hair.

Halloween will be so much fun when your child transforms into Bert and after Halloween this costume will be fun as a dress up costume too.

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buy Infant Fleece Elmo Hoodie And Pants

Infant Fleece Elmo Hoodie And Pants

Now there is this Infant Fleece Elmo Hoodie And Pants that is the perfect outfit for your little one.

Little Sesame Street fans will like this outfit as it is has Elmo on both the front and the back of the hoodie.

Parents are happy as it is made from fleece so it will keep they child warm. The set includes blue pants and a red hoodie and on the hoodie you can see the face of Elmo and his name on the front and on the back it shows Elmo again and he is holding the number 03.

You can get this Elmo outfit in sizes 12 – 24 months for the perfect fit.

Make your child smile by getting them this fun Elmo hoodie and blue pants.

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buy Flash DC Comics Kids Costume

Flash DC Comics Kids Costume

DC Comics has some pretty cool superheroes and if you love Flash have a look at this Flash kids costume prefect for dress up or Halloween.

This is a kids costume that is based after the DC Comics Superhero Flash. The costume is all red with yellow boots, yellow lightning bolt belt, yellow lightning bolts on each wrist. There is also an official Flash logo on the chest and the headpiece and mask is red with yellow ear lightning bolt.

Included with this costume is a Flash muscle jumpsuit, attached boot tops, head piece and a Flash belt. Available in Toddler to kids sizes that range from Toddler to Small, Medium and Large.

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buy Minnie Mouse Pink Kids Costume

Minnie Mouse Pink Kids Costume

Disney’s Minnie Mouse is a cherished lovable character now dress up in this pink kids costume perfect for Halloween, dress up parties or wear it to Disney theme parks.

This is a costume that looks just like Minnie Mouse when she is wearing her pink color. There is a pink and white polka dot dress that features cuffs, belt and collars that are white and glittery.

Also the front of the dress has a Minnie Mouse emblem and comes with ears that feature a pink polka dot bow of course. Available in a range of sizes from Toddler to kids 2T to Small.

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buy Hello Kitty Toddler Marie Jane Shoes

Hello Kitty Toddler Marie Jane Shoes

Now there are these adorable Hello Kitty Toddler Marie Jane Shoes.

These Hello Kitty shoes come in pink, blue, red, and white and all are covered in many faces of Hello Kitty and that does include the strap.

Toddlers and little kids can all enjoy these fun shoes as they come in sizes 5 – 9 toddler and 10 – 12 little kids.

These shoes are from the Marie Jane style that is pretty easy to put on and have a cute strap on top to keep it on.

All the little girls love Hello Kitty one time or another and when they do surprise them with these adorable kids shoes.

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buy Toddler Elmo Dress

Toddler Elmo Dress

Now there is this adorable Toddler Elmo Dress that is perfect for all the little girls that love Sesame Street.

The dress is red with white stripes around the waist and on the sleeves and the front you can find a white bow too. On the front of the dress you can find Elmo too and his name and even some fun flowers.

It is just an adorable dress that comes in baby and toddler sizes and if you choose the baby size they will even include a diaper cover to match it with the Sesame Street dress.

I am sure your child will look adorable in the dress and if she likes Elmo she is going to want to wear this outfit.

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