buy Elmo’s Countdown To Christmas Book

Elmo’s Countdown To Christmas Book

Now there is this fun Elmo’s Countdown To Christmas Book that is just made for anyone that loves Christmas and Sesame Street.

This Sesame Street book is made for kids 2 – 5 but I am sure that even adults will like it.

Inside the book you will find a fun Sesame Street story and there are lots of flaps to lift to make this fun because kids will want to find out what is behind the flap.

This Christmas book is just great fun as it shows so many cool images off Sesame Street and all the characters you know and love.

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buy 2021 Sesame Street Wall Calendar

2021 Sesame Street Wall Calendar

You can now get the 2021 Sesame Street Wall Calendar that just needs a nice spot on a wall.

Kids room or just the living room, it does not matter as this calendar will look great anywhere.

This wall calendar will bring you a different fun image of Sesame Street characters and maybe they have something fun to say too and then other half of the calendar has a calendar grid with plenty of space for notes from you.

And big holidays like the one that Santa Claus comes at and when you can dress up are all filled out and it maybe a great way for kids to learn when things are happening in the year and that could mean you don’t have to remind them when mothers day and fathers day are.

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buy Grover Throw Pillow

Grover Throw Pillow

Now Sesame Street fans can get this fun Grover Throw Pillow.

If you like Grover the blue Sesame Street character then this pillow is just fun to have.

The pillow is Grover blue and shows his famous face on top of it and you can see the same images on both the front and the back.

And this Grover pillow is available in different fabrics to make it perfect for you and the cover is machine washable and they even have and outdoor version so that you can have Sesame Street pillows on your garden chairs.

If you want a Sesame Street pillow then Grover is who you need.

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buy Sesame Street Bib Set

Sesame Street Bib Set

Now there is this Sesame Street Bib Set that includes 5 different bibs all themed around Sesame Street and its characters.

The Sesame Street bibs are machine washable and made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester.

There are 4 bibs based on characters from the Sesame Street show there is one for Big Bird, Oscar The Grouch, Cookie Monster, and Elmo and then the 5th bib is white with a red edge and on it you can find many of the characters hanging out next to the light post with the Sesame Street sign on it.

So if you need bibs for feeding your child without making their clothes dirty then this bib set is just fun for them as they are bright in colors.

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buy Sesame Street Baby Bodysuit Set

Sesame Street Baby Bodysuit Set

Now your baby can be all set thanks to this Sesame Street Baby Bodysuit Set.

Babies needs clothes and this is a set of 5 baby bodysuits and all are available in many sizes from 0 all the way to 18 months.

You will get bodysuits with Cookie Monster, Elmo, Oscar The Grouch, and Big bird and then there is one bodysuit that is white with red and is covered in the heads of the characters earlier mentioned.

Now you infant can looks fun and colorful with the characters on it they soon will love even more when they know they can watch TV.

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buy Cookie Monster Face Mask

Cookie Monster Face Mask

Now there is this Cookie Monster Face Mask that is great for Sesame Street fans and anyone that loves cookies.

A face mask is a great way to protect yourself from dust and germs and it also protect others from your germs.

This is not a medical mask but it is much better than having no face covering.

And this face mask is all about Cookie Monster as his images is printed all over it in all kind of different ways and often with a cookie near by or even a whole cookie jar.

And this Cookie Monster mask is adjustable in size to make it fit you perfectly.

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buy Big Head Elmo T-Shirt

Big Head Elmo T-Shirt

Now there is this Big Head Elmo T-Shirt for all the men out there that would like an amazing Sesame Street t-shirt.

You can this red Elmo t-shirt in men’s sizes Small – 2XL and they are made from preshrunk cotton.

On the red Sesame Street t-shirt you can see a big image image of the head of Elmo and he looks really fun and he seems happy to be on your chest so take him out so that everyone can see this cute t-shirt.

And I am sure that kids will like it when they see Elmo on your shirt.

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buy Oscar The Grouch Go Away T-Shirt

Oscar The Grouch Go Away T-Shirt

Sesame Street fan can now wear thisĀ Oscar The Grouch Go Away T-Shirt.

This Sesame Street t-shirt is available in styles for men, women, and kids and comes in many colors and in sizes from a kids 6 months to and adults 10XL so that anyone can be wearing the perfect sized shirt.

On the t-shirt you can see a garbage bin and you can see Oscar The Grouch peaking out and next to the bin it also shows a garbage bag and on top of it all it says “Go Away” because Oscar is not really that social.

If you like people to stay away from you then maybe the Sesame Street can help with that too as the message is pretty clear.

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buy Cookie Monster Baby Bodysuit With Rainbow

Cookie Monster Baby Bodysuit With Rainbow

Now there is this cute Cookie Monster Baby Bodysuit With Rainbow that is just made for a newborn.

Sesame Street street fans start at a really young age and that means that this bodysuit is a great outfit for a baby.

You can get this Sesame Street snapsuit in sizes 6 – 24 months and is also available as a t-shirt in many kids sizes. And it also comes in many colors.

On the baby bodysuit you can see Cookie Monster and he is holding a chocolate chip cookie and from his hands a rainbow goes all over the blue creature and on the rainbow it also says “Cookies” making it really cute.

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buy Ernie Women’s Dress Costume

Ernie Women’s Dress Costume

Now Sesame Street fans can wear this Ernie Women’s Dress Costume and become the female Ernie.

Ernie maybe a boy but this time he will become female because this is a women’s Halloween costume.

The costume has a fun dress that looks like the outfit Ernie wears and it comes with leg warmers and a headband to make you outfit all complete, now you just put your shoes on and you are ready to go to a party.

This officially licensed Sesame Street costume is available in women’s sizes Small, Medium, and Large.

Get ready for Halloween or cosplay and soon you will be Ernie in a dress.

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