buy Elmo In Sweater Christmas Ornament

Elmo In Sweater Christmas Ornament

This Christmas your tree can have this Elmo In Sweater Christmas Ornament.

Anyone that like Sesame Street and would like Elmo and his funny sounds in the Christmas tree can now have this Elmo ornament.

The ornament shows the red Elmo and he is wearing a red Santa hat and is also wearing a blue winter sweater with a yellow star on it. Press the star and Elmo will show you lights and even giggles.

Elmo is 4 inches tall and is not made for kids under 3. I am sure that this cute Sesame Street ornament will look stunning as part of your holiday decorations.

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buy Kids Elmo Crocs

Kids Elmo Crocs

If you want your child to wear shoes and they like Elmo then you should check out these fun kids Elmo Crocs.

The Sesame Street shoes are red and lined so that you child will have warm feet and has fun shoes because they have Elmo on the front and they can put it on themselves.

You can get these Elmo shoes in many kids sizes so that many kids from ages 1 – 8 can wear these fun Sesame Street shoes.

Now you can stop worrying about putting shoes on your kid because now they can do it themselves and that is fun for both of you.

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buy Elmo And Cookie Monster Bib Set

Elmo And Cookie Monster Bib Set

If you have a baby then you know 1 bid is not enough and that is why you want this Elmo and Cookie Monster bib set as it is two fun bibs that are perfect for your little one.

The Sesame Street bibs are made from 100% cotton and machine washable.

both bibs are red and on one you will find Elmo holding his own name and the other bib shows Cookie Monster eating a cookie and above him it says “Me Want Cookies”.

So make you child know to to the world of Sesame Street and they will love the fun characters and everything they have to teach.

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buy Personalized Elmo Christmas Ornament

Personalized Elmo Christmas Ornament

Now there is the personalized Elmo Christmas ornament that would be an amazing piece of Christmas decoration for your child.

The ornament has a green wreath with a red bow on the top and in the middle, you can see a happy Elmo and he is holding a big present.

Below Elmo, it will have your child’s name and that will look so amazing in your tree and your kid will be so happy to see Elmo from Sesame Street in the Christmas tree.

The personalized ornament can hold a name up to 9 characters and will be one of those keep sake pieces that will look stunning in your tree for many years.

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buy Elmo Be Mine Men’s Boxers With Hearts

Elmo Be Mine Men’s Boxers With Hearts

If you are looking for some fun underwear to bring out the romance then you have to see these Elmo boxers shorts.

This men’s underwear is black and covered in red lines hearts and on the front, you can also find some white hearts and behind one, you can find Elmo. On the back of this underwear, it says “Be Mine!” and Elmo can be found on those letters too.

Now you can have fun underwear for Valentine’s Day or any other day you want to surprise someone.

You can get this Sesame Street underwear in men’s sizes Small – XL (28 – 42) and they are made from 100% cotton.

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buy Round Elmo Face Pillow

Round Elmo Face Pillow

Now you can have a Elmo face pillow!

This Sesame Street pillow is round and looks like the face of Elmo and not only do you have Elmo on the front but you can also find him on the back of this adorable pillow.

The Elmo pillow is red of course and has the famous face of this Sesame Street star on it and it is always smiling at you.

Just imagine this pillow on the bed or a chair in your child’s room or of course in yours because Elmo is for all ages and he is always happy to see you.

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buy Elmo Plush Giggle Ball

Elmo Plush Giggle Ball

We all know that Elmo is furry and red but now there is a ball version of Elmo that even the littlest once of us can enjoy.

This is a plush 4 inch ball that is red of course and has an embroidered face that makes it look just like Elmo.

And when you roll Elmo around he giggles and that of course will be super fun for the little kids and maybe even us adults.

The Sesame Street Elmo plush is made by Gund so you know that it is a quality products and the Elmo giggle ball is even machine washable.

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buy Personalized Elmo Lunch Box

Personalized Elmo Lunch Box

Does you kid have problems with loosing things?

This Sesame Street lunch box will not get lost easily as it comes with you kids name printed on it so even if it gets lost it will be easy to track it back to you.

On the lunch box you can find a nice purple background on witch you can see Elmo and he is holding a bunch of balloons and many of them looks like his friends. You can find a Cookie Monster, Bert, Ernie, Big Bird and more all as balloons.

And this lunch box comes with a icepack, sandwich box and two snack boxes so you are all set to send you kid to school.

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buy Sesame Street Elmo Christmas Stocking

Sesame Street Elmo Christmas Stocking

Sesame Street Elmo Christmas Stocking

If you kid is crazy about Elmo from Sesame Street then you should take a look at this personalized Christmas stocking.

This 16 inch tall stocking is just like any other stocking just better.

On the back and the front you can find a fun snowflake pattern and on the front you can also find Elmo with a hat on and a present in his hands and then to make it all complete the top of the stocking has you kids name on it in red letters against a white background.

The name can be up to 10 characters and can say anything you want.

Make Christmas extra special with this Sesame Street Personalized Elmo Christmas Stocking.

buy Elmo And Cookie Monster Waffle Maker

Elmo And Cookie Monster Waffle Maker

Sesame Street Elmo And Cookie Monster Waffle Maker

You know who like waffles for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

Elmo and of course Cookie Monster. And now you can have waffles for breakfast, lunch and dinner that have Elmo and Cookie Monster on it.

This Sesame Street waffle maker makes perfect square waffles that have an impression of Elmo and Cookie Monster on them. Kids are gone love these waffles and yes adults to of course.

The yellow waffle maker is perfect for any home as it can be put away standing so that it takes up very little space in your pantry.

On top of the waffle maker there are you two favorite Sesame Street characters Cookie Monster and Elmo to.

Is it time for food yet? If so can we have waffles please made with this Sesame Street Elmo And Cookie Monster Waffle Maker.