buy Ravensburger Simpsons Puzzleball

Ravensburger Simpsons Puzzleball

A Simpsons puzzelbal for the jigsaw fan

If you like puzzles and The Simpsons then this is great fun for you. This is a Puzzle ball Jigsaw of 240 pieces that are of course curved and it is up to your to make the ball complete so that you can see all the characters of the TV series The Simpsons.

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Homer Simpson Desk lamp

Homer simpson enjoying a rest on his chair

Homer Simpson would not be him self if he was not taking it easy and here you see him relaxing in his chair.

But this is not just a chair with homer sitting in it, it is also a desk light that works by simply plugging it in to the USB port of your computer.

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buy Simpsons All The Characters Mousepad

Simpsons All The Characters Mousepad

All the people we know from the Simpsons now on a mouse pad

The Picture is small but still you will get the feel because this is a mousepad with all characters you know from the TV series The Simpsons this is a great item for you desk because there are so many people on there that you can have hours and hours of fun finding them while you should be working. But I guess that is just as Homer would do his job.

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buy The Simpsons Box Set “Ironic Punishment”

The Simpsons Box Set “Ironic Punishment”

Homer getting fead donuts by the devil

McFarlane is great in making toys from hit TV series and now they did a great job with this figure of the Ironic Punishment.

Remember when Home sold his soul to the Devil? right so now you can See Homer Simpson eat donuts lots and lots of donuts. You can actually feed them to him. This set comes with 200 donuts just like in the episode “The Devil and Homer Simpson” from Treehouse of Horror IV.

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