buy Team Alice Tote Bag

Team Alice Tote Bag

Now there is this Team Alice Tote Bag so that you can show other Twilight fans what Cullen is your favorite.

This Alice Cullen tote bag is great and even comes in different colors and on the bag you can see a circle that has stripes in it and then on top of it all you can find Alice Cullen and below her there is a banner that says “Team Alice”.

So if you like Alice and would love to go shopping with her then you are in luck because taking this Twilight tote bag makes you take her where ever you go as her image is on the bag.

And you never know how much you want to take and that is why there are different sizes of this tote bag.

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buy Twilight Alice Tote Bag

Twilight Alice Tote Bag

Now shopping can be done in style with this Twilight Alice Tote Bag.

We didn’t forget about Alice Cullen and this tote bag shows that we didn’t.

If you are a big fan of the Twilight series then now you can get this tote bag that shows a picture of Alice o the front and the Twilight logo and then on the back it says “Alice” in bit text and below it in small print “I’m betting on Alice”.

So now you can have this Twilight tote bag and go shopping so that other can see that you didn’t forget about Twilight and Alice either.

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buy Brooklyn Nine-Nine Cast Tote Bag

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Cast Tote Bag

Now you can get your Brooklyn Nine-Nine Cast Tote Bag and get going with your friends from the Brooklyn Nine-Nine TV show.

The tote bag has on both the front and the back the cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine on it with Jake standing in front of them all with his arms stretched out.

It is a great bag to have if you are a Brooklyn Nine-Nine fan .

This bag is better that using a plastic one time use bag as it looks way cooler and you can keep using it.

You can take this Brooklyn Nine-Nine bag to school, work, the gym, shopping and anywhere else you want to use a bag.

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buy Lilo & Stitch Tote Bag

Lilo & Stitch Tote Bag

Now you can use this Lilo & Stitch Tote Bag for shopping and carrying stuff.

This tote bag is yellow with a red handle and on the bag you can see some hibiscus flowers and there are also Lilo and her blue fried Stitch on it and he is playing ukulele and then it says in big letters “Aloha” on it and below that in smaller text it says “Greetings from Hawaii”.

It is a great fun bag to have for shopping instead of a plastic bag you can only use one and it is also a great reminder of the fun Lilo & Stitch movies and Hawaii.

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buy Friends Character Tote Bag

Friends Character Tote Bag

If you like Friends and shopping then check out this Friends Character Tote Bag.

On this tote bag you can see all the names of the characters and some of their typical things. For instance it says “Fashion like Rachel, Neat like Monica” and like this it goes to all the characters with the first letter of their name in a fun color.

The Friends bag is made from 100% cotton and is a great replacement of plastic bags they give you at the grocery store. And besides for shopping this bag is great for school, gym, the library, and more.

And when using this tote bag people will know that you like Friends and if you don’t want people to know that then just turn the bag as the back has nothing printed on it.

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buy Peter Venkman Tote Bag

Peter Venkman Tote Bag

Now Ghostbusters fans can have their own Peter Venkman tote bag.

We all know that Peter Venkman was played by Bill Murray and on this tote bag you can see Dr. Venkman staring straight ahead while talking in the walky-talky and based on his eyes I think he is seeing some ghosts that need to be busted.

The Ghostbusters tote bag available in 3 sizes 13×13, 16×16, and 18×18 and all have a nice strong black strap for easy carrying.

With the same image of Peter Venkman on both the front and back this tote bag is just perfect for everyday use because we can all use a cool bag for groceries, school, work, the gym to name just a few.

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buy Dragonfly Inn Tote Bag

Dragonfly Inn Tote Bag

Gilmore Girls in need of a shopping bag should check out this Dragonfly Inn tote bag.

The Gilmore Girls bag is 16 x 16 inches and has a 28 inch long strap.

On the tote bag you can find the same images on both the front and the back. You can find an orange design with lots of dots and then in the middle you can find the Dragonfly Inn logo and yes that does include a dragonfly.

A fun bag like this is something that will be appreciated by all the Gilmore Girls fans and it is perfect for shopping, school, and anything else you need a bag for.

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buy Scandal Weird Is Good Tote Bag

Scandal Weird Is Good Tote Bag

Now there is a Scandal bag all the fans just need so come check out this Weird is good tote bag.

The tote bag says in big red letters “Weird Is Good” and it almost looks like they stuck the letters on there that really looks nice  and then below it you can see in light gray the Scandal logo.

This Scandal tote bag is made from natural fabrics and comes in different sizes and is just perfect for you especially if you are a bit weird because we all know that weird is good.

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buy Stranger Things Tote Bag

Stranger Things Tote Bag

If you like shopping and Stranger Things then you just need to check out this Stranger Things tote bag.

The tote bag is amazing looking. On the bag you can see the boys on their bikes and below it the Stranger Things logo and the light colored bag looks cool with the design on it and then there is a red carrying strap to make it complete.

The tote bag is 16 x 14 inch and has the fun design on one side and the other side is just plain.

Taking this canvas bag shopping prevents the need for plastic bags and that is a good thing.

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buy Lorelai And Rory Tote Bag

Lorelai And Rory Tote Bag

If you like coffee and Gilmore Girls then you should check out this Lorelai and Rory tote bag.

The tote bag shows an image of Lorelai and Rory and you can’t see their mouths as they have a white coffee cup in front of it.

It is a really nice tote bag with the Gilmore Girls on both the front and the back.

And this tote bag is available in 3 different sizes and all have a nice strong 1 inch wide carrying strap so that it is perfect for holding your stuff securely.

Now you can shop for some fresh coffee as there is plenty of room for shopping inside it.

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