buy Wizard Of Oz Ultimate 34-Charm Bracelet

Wizard Of Oz Ultimate 34-Charm Bracelet

If you love the classic movie The Wizard of Oz, right down to every character then this is the perfect item for you.

This is a Wizard of Oz charm bracelet that features 34 characters, each a seperate charm and each with amazing fine details. Handcrafted with Sterling silver that is plated with 24K Gold, 14 charms also has an engraved quote on the back. Beatiful accents of Swarovski Crystals can be found for added details like on Dorthy’s Ruby slippers.

Charms included:
Dorothy, Toto, Rainbow, Tornado, House, Glinda, Glinda’s Magic Wand, Munchkin Mayor, Lullaby League, Lollipop Guild, Wicked Witch of the West, Scarecrow, Diploma, Ruby Slippers, Angry Apple Tree, Tin Man, Heart, Cowardly Lion, Badge of Courage, Wicked Witch & Crystal Ball, Poppies, Emerald City, Doorman, Horse of a Different Color, The Great Oz, Witch’s Castle, Winkie Soldiers, 2 Winged Monkeys, Hourglass, Water Bucket and Hat, The Wizard, Hot Air Balloon, and The Wizard of Oz Logo.

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buy Wicked Witch Hourglass Of Destiny Lamp

Wicked Witch Hourglass Of Destiny Lamp

Light up your room with a classic scene from The Wizard of Oz.

This lamp is really cool, a timeless collectors item for sure, featuring the Wicked Witch of the West and Dorthy from the Wizard of Oz on the lamp shade.

The base of the lamp is shaped like the Hourglass of destiny, instead of sand inside the hourglass you will find detailed sculptures. The top of the hourglass chamber you will find a scupture of a Winged Monkey that flies circles and in the bottom chamber you will find Tin Man, Scarecrow and Cowardly Lion.

To top this all off a great sculpture of the Wicked Witch can be found as a the lamp topper, this Wicked Witch hourglass of destiny lamp measures 18 inches in height.

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