buy Kylo Ren Halloween Pumpkin

Kylo Ren Halloween Pumpkin

Star Wars fans can be all ready for Halloween thanks to this Kylo Ren Halloween Pumpkin.

This a plastic pumpkin with on it the face of Kylo Ren and his eyes will light up as this pumpkin runs on two AAA batteries.

The Kylo Ren pumpkin is 6 inches tall and will look great at your front door with Halloween or even in your home.

This year you can spend time watching Star Wars instead of carving a pumpkin yourself all thanks to this fun Star Wars pumpkin.

I am sure that people visiting your home will admire this pumpkin and they will also know that you are a true Star Wars fan.

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buy Minions Having Fun Lamp

Minions Having Fun Lamp

Despicable Me fans in need of light should check out this Minions Having Fun Lamp.

This lamp comes in two versions on as a desk lamp style that would look great on a nightstand or side table and there is a tripod version that will look great on the same tables too. And if you already have a light stand then you can just get the light shade.

On the lampshade, it shows 3 Minions jumping around and having fun which is just fun to look at if you are a child or if you are a big fan of Minions and the Despicable Me movies.

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buy Hermione Bell Jar Light

Hermione Bell Jar Light

Harry Potter fans that need a fun light then you should check out this Hermione Bell Jar Light.

This is a bell jar with inside it you can see a little figure of Hermione on a black base that has the Harry Potter logo on it and that is also a light switch so that the jar light lights up and that means you have a fun light for on a side table or maybe your desk.

The Harry Potter bell jar is 5 inches tall and runs on two AAA batteries which means you can place it anywhere without having to worry if there is a power outlet near to it.

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buy Dumbo Night Light

Dumbo Night Light

Now you can get your own personalized Dumbo night light.

Fans of the flying Disney elephant can now be ready for the dark because this is the night light you always wanted.

On the front of the night light you can see a classic image of Dumbo while flying around and next to the elephant it can have your name at no extra cost and that makes this a fun personal item.

Below the picture of Dumbo, you can find a switch so that you can turn the night light off when it gets light outside.

So make someone special in your home happy with a night light that has their name on it.

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buy Catboy Night Light

Catboy Night Light

Now your little one can sleep with a Catboy Night Light.

If you child does not like the dark but does like PJ Masks then this cute Catboy night light is what you need.

The PJ Masks light is shaped like Catboy in his famous blue outfit.

As you can see the adorable Catboy you think this is just a cute figurine to play with but if you press the switch he will light up for 10 minutes and with that keeping your child safe from the dark.

The PJ Masks light runs on two AAA batteries that are included and that means that it is a lot safer for the kids then something that needs to be plugged in and it also makes it portable so that it even could come camping.

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buy Pickle Rick String Lights

Pickle Rick String Lights

If you like Pickles and Rick and Morty then you should check out these Pickle Rick String Lights.

You can this year to have pickles in your Christmas tree as this string light has 10 pickles on them and they all have the face of Rick because he found a way to become a pickle.

The 9 feet long string light is great for decorating your room or as Christmas lights and is a great item to have for a true fan of Rick and Morty.

Add some pickle to your house or tree that is staring at you as Pickle Rick has the typical look on his face.

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buy Ghostbusters string Lights

Ghostbusters string Lights

Now you can bring light to the dark with these Ghostbusters string lights.

The string lights are a string with two different lights on it and those lights are the famous Ghostbusters logo and Slimer the famous green slime we all know.

The Ghostbusters string lights are battery operated so they will work anywhere.

On the string you will find 10 lights and it will be great as part fo your Halloween decorations or just as room decor and maybe even as Christmas lights if you like to have a Ghostbusters tree.

Make it clear to the dark that your like the Ghostbusters.

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buy Wizard Of Oz Night Light

Wizard Of Oz Night Light

If you want light in the dark and you like the Wizard Of Oz then you just need to get this Wizard Of Oz night light.

The night light is black and has an LED lightbulb that is energy efficient and the night light has a sensor build in to make it go on at night and off in the daytime.

On the front of the night light you can see Dorothy, Tin Man, Cowardly Lion, and Scarecrow walking on the yellow brick road.

A night light like this may not be what young kids understand but if you like the Wizard Of Oz then this is the light you want in your home.

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buy Stark Table Lamp

Stark Table Lamp

If you are a big fan of Game of Thrones then you should check out this Stark table lamp.

The lamp shows a 14.5 inches circle with in it the Direwolf logo from House Stark.

The Game of Thrones lamp looks stunning in the daylight as it has a nice chrome look and the wolf has amazing details and you can see it by clicking the picture above.

When lit up the lamp looks stunning thanks to the 90 LED lights that are built into it.

A true Game of Thrones fan and collector just deserves to have this amazing light in their home as it is just one of those items you are going to love forever.

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buy Yoda Light Up Pumpkin

Yoda Light Up Pumpkin

If you want a cool Star Wars pumpkin for Halloween then you should just get this Yoda light up pumpkin as it is ready to go without the need of any carving.

The Star Wars pumpkin is black and 12 inches tall and on the pumpkin, you can see in orange a scene with the moon and Yoda holding a treat bag and his lightsaber as he likes candies too.

The Yoda pumpkin has a build in light so that it will bring light to dark on the night of Halloween. You can use the pumpkin indoor or outdoor just make sure it does not get wet.

If you get this Halloween pumpkin then you will have Star Wars and Yoda ready for many years of Halloween.

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