buy Pinkie Pie Bracelet Charm

Pinkie Pie Bracelet Charm

Now My Little Pony fans can have this Pinkie Pie Bracelet Charm dangling around.

Bracelet charms are a great way to have your favorite things dangling on your arm so if you like Pinkie Pie or just My Little Pony then this charm will be perfect for on your bracelet.

And if you don’t wear bracelets then think about having it hanging on something else like a backpack, necklace, keychain or where ever you can think of.

The metal charm has a resin circle with on it Pinkie Pie against a pink background.

The charm has a 4mm hole so that you figure out if it fits your charm bracelet.

A charm like this is perfect for the true fans and besides buying it for yourself it also make for a nice present for someone special.

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buy Harry Potter Jewelry Set

Harry Potter Jewelry Set

Now there is this Harry Potter Jewelry Set so that you can always ready to wear something nice.

This jewelry set includes 3 necklaces and 1 bracelet all themed around the Harry Potter franchise.

There is a time turner necklace, golden snitch bracelet and necklace and a Deathly Hallows logo necklace. Each necklace is about 19 inches long and will look stunning  with so many outfits.

Jewelry is a great way to personalize your outfit and if you are a big fan of Harry Potter then this set is just perfect as it makes you able to switch things up when ever you feel like.

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buy Deadpool Cord Bracelet

Deadpool Cord Bracelet

If you want something to wear on your wrist then check out this Deadpool Cord Bracelet.

This Marvel bracelet is made from a black and red paracord with in the middle a metal charm of the mask of Deadpool and the red and black and the mask makes this the perfect looking Deadpool jewelry.

So if you are a big fan of Deadpool and want it to be clear by just looking at your wrist then wearing this special bracelet is what you should do.

A bracelet like this also makes for a fun present for a Deadpool fan you know.

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buy Lucille Bracelet

Lucille Bracelet

Now fans of Negan can be wearing this Lucille Bracelet.

If you watch The Walking Dead then you know who Lucille is and that Negan named his bat after her and now there is this bracelet that looks like a bat complete with the barbwire on one end and the name Lucille engraved in it.

The Walking Dead bracelet is made from zinc alloy and can be that piece of fan jewelry you want to own as it is so special and also shows everyone around you that you are Negan.

Come check out this The Walking Dead jewelry as it is great for yourself or as a present.

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buy Samcro Chain Bracelet

Samcro Chain Bracelet

If you are a Sons Of Anarchy fan then what do you think of this Samcro chain bracelet?

The black bracelet look like it is made from bike chains and on the chain it also says SAMCRO to make it a real cool piece of Sons Of Anarchy jewelry.

You have to wonder if the bracelet is made from one of the bike chains from the boys for Sons Of Anarchy, maybe this was even a chain one the motor bike of Jax himself.

A cool bracelet like this make for a cool present for yourself or any other Sons Of Anarchy fan.

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buy Quidditch Golden Snitch Bracelet

Quidditch Golden Snitch Bracelet

If you are a Harry Potter fan in need of a cool piece of jewelry then you should check out this Golden Snitch bracelet.

The metal bracelet has a Golden Snitch as part of it and as it is a bracelet that also means that it can’t fly away so you don’t actually have to play Quidditch.

Now any true Harry Potter fan can have the Snitch with them all day long as it is a great piece of jewelry that will be great on your arm and other fans of Harry Potter will now know that you are one of them.

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buy Hello Kitty Crystal Bangle Bracelet

Hello Kitty Crystal Bangle Bracelet

If you are a big Hello Kitty fan then you want to see this Hello Kitty crystal bangle bracelet with the face of your favorite kitty.

The bangle bracelet has two bands going around with the face of Hello Kitty on the top and the face is made out of sparkly crystals and yes she has her bow too and this one is pink.

The Hello Kitty bracelet has a circumference of around 7 inches so measure on how this would fit on you.

Hello Kitty jewelry is special and now you can show the world how much you like Hello Kitty by wearing this amazing bracelet.

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buy Mickey And Minnie Bangle Bracelet

Mickey And Minnie Bangle Bracelet

If you are looking for that special piece of Disney jewelry that will look stunning on your then you have to see this Mickey and Minnie bracelet.

The bangle style bracelet folds open so that it is easy to put on and it is unique so that you want to wear it all the time.

The Disney bracelet is special as it show the heads of Minnie and Mickey Mouse at the end and it looks almost like they are giving each other a kiss. The bracelet has many gold toned details and over 60 Swarovski crystals.

A special piece of jewelry like this would make for a great present and that is why it comes in a special jewelry pouch and gift box.

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buy Deadpool Logo Charm Bead

Deadpool Logo Charm Bead

If you are a big Deadpool fan with a charm bracelet then we found you your next bracelet charm.

This charm bead looks like the famous logo of Deadpool witch looks a lot like his face and this charm will it most charm bracelets for the mayor brands like Chamilia, Biagi, Troll and Pandora.

The Deadpool charm is made from 316L surgical steel witch on the Deadpool logo in red and black on it.

A piece like this will make you jewelry look even better because now you charm bracelet really shows something you can relate to and that is totally you.

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buy Mockingjay Arrow Leather Braid Bracelet

Mockingjay Arrow Leather Braid Bracelet

The classic story of The Hunger Games centered around Katniss Everdeen and her trade mark logos, now you can show them off in style with a cord braided bracelet.

This bracelet features a very nice black leather braid and has two pendant charms. The first charm is of the Mockingjay inside a circle and the second charm is of Katniss Everdeen’s bow and arrow both in silver metal jewelry, etched and polished to look great.

A very cool gift for you or any other Hunger Games fan to add to their jewelry box and wear on the wrist for all occasions.

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