Tinker Bell Lanyard

Tinker Bell lanyard and goodies

How do you carry you keys and stuff? I guess on an old boring lanyard that everybody on has.

Now you can show the world that you stand out just a little bit with this great looking Tinker Bell Lanyard.

The lanyard of course shows Tinker Bell but it does more because it comes with extra’s

This Lanyard also comes with:

  1. A Tinker Bell Coin purse that can hand on the lanyard
  2. A Tinker Bell notepad
  3. A Tinker Bell Pensil

You see you can be completly Tinker Bell ready. Or play a Tinker Bell reporter this summer.

Check out this cool Tinker bell Gear.

Cars Mack’s Road Trip

Macks road trip

If you little once like Cars then this is the item to look at.

This LEGO DUPLO set lets you kids play for hours and hours and when they are sleeping you can even play with it.

The set contains of course Mack Hauler and Lightning McQueen but it also has Sheriff and all kinds of other thinks like roads signs.
And it is LEGO so that means you can build all kind of cool things out of it to.

Go have a closer look at the LEGO DUPLO Cars Mack’s Road Trip.

“I Dig the Wig” Bumper Sticker

Simpsons viewers love Ralphy he is funny and so clue less that you can only smile when he says something.

And because Ralphy is so fun we looked for something related to him and we found this cool bumper sticker with his face and “I Dig The Wig” on it.

Go have a closer look at this “I Dig the Wig” Bumper Sticker.

Jessie Fashion Doll

Jessie Fashion Doll from the movie Toy Story 3

Here is cowgirl Jessie the friend of Woody in the movie Toy Story 3. This 11.5″ tall action figure is great to play with. You can move Jessie’s arms and legs so that you can pose it the way you want.

Jessie loves to play and I am sure that if you have a Woody and a Buzz you will make it even better with this version of Jessie.

Go check out this Toy Story 3 Jessie Fashion Doll.

Bart Simpson Skateboard Lanyard

Bart Simpson Lanyard

If you carry around a lot of keys and access cards then you know how handy it can be to have a lanyard around you neck with all these things on it. But why have one like all the other people around you?

You can be different and wear one that shows you how bad you are 😉 you can own this Bart Simpson lanyard with Bart and his Skateboard.

Order your Bart Simpson Lanyard.