buy Tardis License Plate

Tardis License Plate

If you are a Doctor Who fan then come and check out this Tardis License Plate.

This Doctor Who license plate is just like any license plate as it is the same size of a standard US plate and it is stamped metal to make it look really cool.

As you can see the plate is Tardis blue and says “Public Call Police Box” on it and in the middle in big print “Tardis” making it perfect for on your Tardis or on the car.

A plate like this could be great on your car but follow the law as you can’t deal with people like the Doctor does. And this plate will look great on a wall in your home or garage too.

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buy Duck Commander License Plate

Duck Commander License Plate

If you are a big Duck Dynasty fan then this Duck Commander license plate would be a great addition to you collection.

This vanity plate is black with chrome and it shows the Duck Commander logo on it with the big duck with it’s wings spread.

A Duck Dynasty plate like this would be great on your car or the wall and it surely will remind you and others about the Duck Dynasty TV series we all love so much.

Just imagine having this duck on your car or truck I am sure the black and chrome will really make it look pretty neat.

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buy Superman License Plate

Superman License Plate

Superman License Plate

Do you car have room for a special license plate?

If so then this could be the one to go for.
This license plate shows a burning hot red Superman logo in front to fa worn metal background.

With a size of 6 x 12 inches the aluminium plate will fit perfectly on your car.

If you are a Superman fan then the only question would be why didn’t you get one earlier?

Pimp your ride with this Superman Logo License Plate.

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buy Tweety License Plate

Tweety License Plate

Are you looking for the perfect license plate for you car or just decorations?

If you like the little yellow bird from the Looney Tunes Cartoons then you are in luck.

This plate is black and in the middle you see a not happy Tweety against a red background and above her name.

The Tweety license plate is 12 x 6 inch and is made from rust resistant aluminum.

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buy Ghostbusters License Plate

Ghostbusters License Plate

Do you remember what license plate the Ghostbusters had on their first car?

Yes it was “ECTO – 1” and now you can get this movie replica license plate that says exactly that and of course it also says New York on it to like a real license plate.

A yellow plate like this can ofcourse not be used as a replacement of your current plate and has only decoritive value.
It comes in a window display box so that you can keep it in mint condition.

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buy Star Wars Yoda License Plate

Star Wars Yoda License Plate

Does your car like mine only need a license plate on the back and now you have that big spot in front all bare and empty?

If so then you can get a nice Yoda license plate for the front.

A true Star Wars fan would not even think twice and put this plate with Yoda ready for battle on their car.

As said before this is a metal plate measuring 12 x 6 inch.

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buy Katniss License Plate

Katniss License Plate

In some states in the US and Canada you only need one “real” license plate and in that case you can get a super special plate for the other side of the car.

How about a Katniss license plate?

If you are a Hunger Games fan then you are also a Katniss Everdeen fan and then you will probably like this plate.

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Batman Wall License Plate

Batman Wall graffiti license plate

Does your car have room for an extra license plate?

If so then this Batman plate would be the perfect plate to make it on to your Batmobile.

On this tin lincense plate you see Batman drawn by Jim Lee standing infront of a brick wall.
Batman it says on the wall with below it a graffiti of the Batman logo.

If you are a true Batman fan and collector then this lincense plate can’t be missing in your collection.

Order your own Batman Wall License Plate. 

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Suit Up License Plate

Suit Up License Plate

As Barney Stinson would say “Suit Up!”

From the cool television series How I Met Your Mother this license plate says exactly what is on Barney’s mind, and maybe yours too. Add this to a wall for a cool effect or throw it on your vehicle and show what is on your mind. It features a silouhette of Barney and the quote “Suit Up!” on the front of it.

Made from durable alluminum and water resistant you can expect to see this awsome “Suit Up!” license plate last a long time. Measures 12 inches x 6 inches.

Get your How I Met Your Mother Suit Up License Plate.

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