buy Darth Vader Backpack Buddy

Darth Vader Backpack Buddy

Star Wars Backpack of Darth Vader

Who doesn’t want Darth Vader to be there friend?

Now it is possible with this Darth Vader backpack.

Star Wars fans don’t expect a ton of space in the backpack but there is enough to cary some small stuff like a book or a wallet.

The fun part of this backpack is that it is a backpack buddy.

When you put the Darth Vader backpack on your back you will see Darth Vader’s arms going over you shoulder and his legs go around you wast. The arms and legs are part of the straps and this way it looks like you are carrying you little Darth Vader buddy on your back.

If you want Darth Vader to be your buddy then go check out this Star Wars Darth Vader Backpack.

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