buy Levitating Darth Vader

Levitating Darth Vader

Now Star Wars fans can own this Levitating Darth Vader.

As you can see there is black base with the Star Wars and Empire logo on it and some other picture too. Above the base you will find the famous black helmet of Darth Vader and it is just floating above the base which really makes it cool.

If it gets dark then you can turn on the build in light so that it looks even more amazing as the light is red and comes from LED’s.

A floating Darth Vader head is something a home of a true Star Wars fan needs.

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buy 4 Pairs Of Star Wars Socks

4 Pairs Of Star Wars Socks

Not one but 4 pairs of Star Wars socks are in this set so if you are a Star Wars fan then you are in luck.

The socks have Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, Chewbacca, and R2-D2 on it and they will work on both men and women and they are made from 80% cotton, 15% polyester, and 5% spandex.

And if you loose one of the socks then just mix and match because you still have Star Wars on your feet and have R2-D2 on one foot while having a Stormtrooper on the other will be just funny and sometimes we just want something funny to look at.

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buy Yoda & Darth Vader Wrapping Paper

Yoda & Darth Vader Wrapping Paper

Now there is Yoda & Darth Vader wrapping paper so that the presents for Star Wars fans can be wrapped in style.

The Hallmark wrapping paper includes two rolls of 30 inch wide and 10 yard long wrapping paper.

One of the rolls is red with the black helmet of Darth Vader on it and the other role is green with the face of Yoda on it.

So now all the presents for a Star Wars fan can be wrapped in this Star Wars gift wrap and the green and red paper work great together so that it will look stunning if you have a whole stack of Star Wars presents wrapped in this wrapping paper.

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buy Darth Vader Doormat

Darth Vader Doormat

Now there is a Darth Vader doormat and that doormat is perfect at keeping the dirt outside.

The Star Wars doormat is 17 x 29 inches and is made from coir that gives it the typical brown background color and the on that you can see the face of Darth Vader and the text “Welcome To The Dark Side” and there even is black border to frame it all in.

Just imagine this doormat in front of your door, everyone will know that you are on the Dark Side and that you like your home clean as they now can clean their boots and shoes on this Star Wars doormat.

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buy Darth Vader Tea Set

Darth Vader Tea Set

If you like Star Wars and tea then you just need this Darth Vader tea set.

The tea set includes a teapot that looks like the helmet of Darth Vader and then there are two cups and saucers that are also Darth Vader themed with part of his outfit on them and then finally there is a black sugar jar to make the set complete.

The ceramic tea set makes for the perfect the perfect present for yourself and for any Star Wars fan in your life.

So tea time will be better than ever because now you have the perfect tea set for enjoying tea and talking Star Wars with a friend.

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buy Darth Vader I Woke Up Like This Pink Tank Top

Darth Vader I Woke Up Like This Pink Tank Top

If you are a woman that love Darth Vader from Star Wars then you have to check out this pink Darth Vader tank top.

The tank top has a racerback and comes in women’s sizes Small – XL and is only available in this nice pink color.

On the top, you will find the black helmet face of Darth Vader and around the Dark Lord you find the text that says “I woke up like this” and you, of course, did not look like Darth Vader when you woke up but you probably would look amazing and this Star Wars tank top only would make you look even more amazing.

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buy Darth Vader Kids Chair

Darth Vader Kids Chair

If your child needs a place to sit and they love Star Wars then this Darth Vader kids chair is what you need.

The black chair looks amazing as a chair and it also looks amazing like Darth Vader as it has his big head on the back and the seat cushion and the bottom edge looks like costume details.

So when you sit in this chair it will feel like you are sitting on Darth Vader lap and isn’t that something every little Star Wars fans dreams about.

The hardwood framed padded Darth Vader chair can hold up to 100 pounds and will look amazing in a kid’s bedroom.

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buy Star Wars Use The Force Workout Capri Leggings

Star Wars Use The Force Workout Capri Leggings

If you like to work out in Star Wars style then you just need these workout capris that want you to use the force.

These women’s leggings are black and grey with a galaxy far far away on it. On the side, there is a black bar going all the way down that says “Use The Force” and shows the helmet of Darth Vader. And there is a matching Sports Bra too.

These Star Wars capris are perfect for a workout and they are made from 86% polyester and 14% spandex for ultimate comfort and there is a hidden zipper pocket that can hold something small like your locker key.

Get your Star Wars Use The Force Workout Capri Leggings

buy Darth Vader Galaxy Sports Bra

Darth Vader Galaxy Sports Bra

Now there is a women’s sports bra that is approved for the Dark Side.

This Star Wars sports bra is dark and black with a hint of galaxy printed on it but also the front of the costume of Darth Vader and that may give you Darth Vader power while working out. On the back, the Star Wars sports bra has 6 neon green elastic straps to give an extra fun look.

So now you can work out with Star Wars on your side.

You can get this Darth Vader sports bra in women’s junior sizes Small – 2XL and it is made from 83% polyester and 17% spandex.

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buy Star Wars Darth Vader Christmas Sweater

Star Wars Darth Vader Christmas Sweater

If you want a Star Wars ugly Christmas sweater then this Darth Vader Christmas sweater is what you want.

The red sweater shows the big black helmet of the Dark Lord on the front with in the background white details like spaceships and logo’s but there is text to and that says “I Find Your Lack Of Cheer Disturbing”.

This Darth Vader Christmas sweater is made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester and is great for both men and women. You can get this Star Wars Christmas sweater in sizes Small – 3XL.

Show the world that you like Star Wars and Christmas by wearing this sweater to your holiday party.

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