buy Divergent Raven Tattoo Mug

Divergent Raven Tattoo Mug

Divergent Raven Tattoo Mug

When Beatrice (Tris) Prior joins Dauntless initiation process she soon gets a tattoo and this tattoo can now be admired on this white coffee mug.

On the Divergent mug you can see 3 ravens flying down just like they do on the body of Tris where they fly in the direction of her heart.
Besides the 3 birds flying the mug also says “I am selfish, I am brave”.

You can put unto 11oz of hot drinks in this mug and you can put this Divergent mug in the dishwasher and microwave.

The life as a Divergent can be hart but enjoying a nice coffee out can make it easier.

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