buy Divergent iPhone Case With Four On It

Divergent iPhone Case With Four On It

If you like to take risks Divergent style then maybe this Divergent iPhone case is just what you need to make sure you phone will survive your adventures.

This Divergent phone case is available for the following iPhone models

  • iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 5s
  • iPhone 5

On the phone case you can find a photo of Tobias Eaton and you can see his back with all his tattoos and his face from the side. If you like four then this case is what you need and it is available with a white or black border so that you can pick what you like best.

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buy Insurgent Shattered Glass T-Shirt

Insurgent Shattered Glass T-Shirt

Insurgent Shattered Glass T-Shirt

This t-shirt is based on the Insurgent movie from the Divergent series.

You can get this t-shirt in a bunch of colors and styles for men and women.

On the t-shirt you can see glass and that is cracking and in the glass you can see the word “Insurgent” and below it you can see Tris falling with glass surrounding her.

It’s a great shirt for the true fans of this movie series and even if you just like the books then this Insurgent t-shirt can be perfect for you.

So if you like Divergent then come check out this Divergent Shattered Glass Insurgent T-Shirt.

buy Divergent Four Blanket

Divergent Four Blanket

Tobias of course is one of the reasons why you watch the Divergent movie series and now there is a nice warm blanket with him on it.

This fleece blanket is 50 x 60 inch and has a black and grey background with on it a big picture of four and below him the fraction symbols and below that his nickname “Four” and yes the blanket even says Divergent on it to.

Now you can cuddle under this blanket and reread the Divergent books or watch the Insurgent movie while staying warm and comfortable.

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buy Divergent Wall Calendar 2015

Divergent Wall Calendar 2015

Divergent 2015 Wall Calendar

Was Divergent one of your favorite movies of 2014 and you are just waiting to see the next movies in the series?

If you are then you are gone love the 2015 wall calendar of Divergent.

This Divergent calendar will bring you 12 months of pictures from the original Divergent movie and yes that means Tris and Tobias will be there and so are some others but it’s manly about Tris and Four.

And a good calendar is of course not only about the pictures it also has a nice calendar grid with room to write. The Divergent calendar has a great grid and even the important days are already marked for you.

Give you wall this Divergent Wall Calendar 2015.

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buy Divergent Pillow Case

Divergent Pillow Case

Divergent Pillow Case

Do like to dream away and dream about the Divergent story?

I am sure that will be so much easier if you pillow has this Divergent pillow case over it.

On this pillow case you can see the city skyline with in the  back the big ferris wheel and then all the way in front you can see Tobias (four) and Tris .

This Divergent pillow case fits a standard 20 x 30 inch pillow and would look just stunning on your bed. The pillow case only has the amazing Divergent picture on one side so that you can easily hide it from noisy brothers and sisters.

Lets get ready to dream on a pillow that lives in this Divergent Pillow Case.

buy Divergent Dauntless Never Give Up T-Shirt

Divergent Dauntless Never Give Up T-Shirt

Are you the Divergent fan that would choose Dauntless as it’s faction?

If Dauntless is your choice the this t-shirt would be perfect for you.

This fitted girls t-shirt is red and on the front you can see the Dauntless logo with the flames and on the back it says “Dauntless, Never Give Up”.

You can get this 100% cotton Divergent t-shirt in sizes Small – XLarge and it is a fitted t-shirt so think of that when you order.

I am sure that Tris would wear a nice red t-shirt like this if Dauntless would let them wear red.

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buy Divergent Tris First Jumper Ring

Divergent Tris First Jumper Ring

Divergent fans are gone love this ring.

This ring has the name “Tris” stamped on the inside and on the outside it says “First Jumper” and this all on a wrap around ring that really looks stunning.

The Divergent ring is made from food safe aluminium and comes in ring sizes 5 -10 and is hand made specially for you.

You can’t find this in store and that means that this Divergent ring would make an amazing present to.

The loop that never seems to end that fits on your finger just like a piece you fold yourself that is how I feel about this amazing piece of hand made jewelry.

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buy Divergent Four Women’s Tank Top

Divergent Four Women’s Tank Top

Divergent Four Women's Tank Top

There we have Tobias aka Four from the movie Divergent and this time he is put on a women’s tank top.

This grey racer back tank top shows a picture of four in black and grey. The picture shows the back of Tobias and the side of his face. And yes this shows his back tattoo with all the faction logo’s. The grey shirt with the grey print makes it really look stunning and classy.

The Divergent tank top is made from 100% cotton and comes in women’s sizes Small – XLarge (junior sizes)

If Four is you next favorite movie start then I think that makes you deserve this Divergent Four Women’s Tank Top.

buy Divergent Fractions Water Bottle

Divergent Fractions Water Bottle

Divergent Fractions Water Bottle

We all need to hydrate and this metal Divergent water bottle is perfect for that task.

This 32oz bottle has a top with a carabineer clip so that you hang it on your bag or even you pants.

And this bottle is black an on the black you can see in blue parts of the tattoo’s from the back of Four and then the bottle has in white the word “Divergent” and the logo’s from all 5 fractions.

So there is a round logo for Abnegation, Amity, Candor, Dauntless and Erudite.

A bottle like this is great for anyone who likes Divergent and it does not matter if it’s the book or the movie the bottle is just awesome.

Come take a closer look at this Divergent Fractions Water Bottle.

buy Divergent Faction Bracelet

Divergent Faction Bracelet

Divergent Faction Bracelet

Divergent fans can now show the faction they choose around their wrist.
This hand made bracelet is specially made for you witch makes it an even better piece of Divergent jewelry.

The bracelets are hand stamped aluminium and will fit most comfortably.

You can choose to have a bracelet that says:

  • Dauntless
  • Candor
  • Amity
  • Erudit
  • Abnegation
  • Divergent

And yes it’s only one so that you never get the faction you don’t like. You just order the one you want.

Special jewelry like this is highly collectable and one of a kind and that of course is what a true Divergent fan deserves.

Come have a closer look at these Divergent Faction Bracelets.