buy Elliot Alderson Tote Bag

Elliot Alderson Tote Bag

Mr. Robot Elliot Anderson Tote Bag

Now you can take your Elliot Alderson tote bag where ever you go just to keep in touch with your Mr. Robot side.

The tote bag shows a kind of digital background that is really bright in color and on top you find Elliot just staring ahead.

You can get this Mr. Robot tote bag in 3 sizes 13 x 13, 16 x 16, and 18 x 18 and all have a nice strong and comfy carry strap so that you can hang it over your shoulder.

A bag like this is great for carrying your laptop, groceries, gym clothes, and much more.

Bring a little bit of paranoia with your thanks to Elliot on your Mr. Robot bag.

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