buy Fsociety And Elliot Pillow

Fsociety And Elliot Pillow

If you like a pillow to dream about computers and stuff then you just need this fsociety and Elliot pillow.

The pillow shows a cool piece of art that has a background with pink letters and in front of that you can see Elliot Alderson wearing a jacket that says “Mr. Robot” on it and he is covering a part of his face with the mask used by fsociety.

It is a cool pillow that would look great on your couch, chair, and bed and you can get this Mr. Robot throw pillow in 4 sizes all square and the sizes are 16, 18, 20, 24 inch.

The design of the front of the pillow is also on the back so that you can turn it around if you like.

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buy Elliot Alderson Tote Bag

Elliot Alderson Tote Bag

Now you can take your Elliot Alderson tote bag where ever you go just to keep in touch with your Mr. Robot side.

The tote bag shows a kind of digital background that is really bright in color and on top you find Elliot just staring ahead.

You can get this Mr. Robot tote bag in 3 sizes 13 x 13, 16 x 16, and 18 x 18 and all have a nice strong and comfy carry strap so that you can hang it over your shoulder.

A bag like this is great for carrying your laptop, groceries, gym clothes, and much more.

Bring a little bit of paranoia with your thanks to Elliot on your Mr. Robot bag.

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buy Elliot Alderson Wall Clock

Elliot Alderson Wall Clock

Is it Mr. Robot time yet? Check this Elliot Alderson wall clock then you will know if its time to turn on the TV.

The round wall clock is available in a black, white, and wood trim and white or black hands.

The wall clock shows an image of Elliot while he is on the red phone just like we have seen him do in season 2 from Mr. Robot.

The round wall clock has a 10-inch diameter and runs on one AA battery that is not included with the Mr. Robot clock.

So just find a spot on your wall and soon Elliot Alderson will be able to keep track of time for you.

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buy fsociety And Elliot Beach Towel

fsociety And Elliot Beach Towel

If Mr. Robot and fsociety is your kind of thing then going to the beach with this fsociety and Elliot beach towel.

This Mr. Robot towel shows a street with buildings on the side and on the road, it says “fsociety” and on the street, you can see Elliot but his face is code. Behind all that you can see the fsociety mask in the sky like big brother watching us.

The beach towel is 74 x 37 inches and would be great for the beach or pool and even the shower at home but if you think that this fsociety towel is too big then you are in luck as it comes as a smaller bath towel too.

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buy Elliot Alderson Pop! Figurine

Elliot Alderson Pop! Figurine

If you like Elliot from Mr. Robot then you want to check out this Elliot Alderson Pop! figurine.

Elliot looks like you expect from him wearing dark pants and a dark hoodie but his hood is down so you can see his face and his typical hair.

The figurine of Elliot is just perfect and is 3 3/4 inches tall and Elliot comes in a cool bow that you can look into so that if you like your collectibles to stay new then you can still enjoy the Mr. Robot figurine without unpacking it.

Elliot Alderson just has to be part of your figurine collection so come and give him a nice home.

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buy Mr. Robot Family Picture T-Shirt

Mr. Robot Family Picture T-Shirt

If you are a true Mr. Robot fan then you are going to want this t-shirt.

The shirt is available in styles for men and women and it comes in many colors and sizes Small – 6XL. And there is even a hoodie of this design to look a bit more like Elliot.

On the t-shirt it starts with the Mr. Robot logo on top and below that you can find an image that shows the Evil Corp building and the Arcade and the mask of fsociety is on it too as well as a computer and code and to make it a true Mr. Robot t-shirt you will also find Eliot, Darlene, and Edward Alderson on the shirt so it basically shows what the TV show is all about.

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buy Mr. Robot In Hoodie T-Shirt

Mr. Robot In Hoodie T-Shirt

We all know Mr. Clean and the way he poses on the bottle and now there is a Mr. Robot t-shirt in the same style.

And the shirt does not show the typical Mr. Clean type character but it shows Elliot in his blue hoodie and he is wearing the fsociety mask.

It’s a real different but cool t-shirt for all the fans of Mr. Robot.

You can get this t-shirt in styles for both men and women and it comes in sizes Small – 6XL and it is available in many cool colors.

Show the world the new Mr. Clean because Elliot can clean thinks Mr. Clean can’t.

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buy Mr. Robot Make America Great Again T-Shirt

Mr. Robot Make America Great Again T-Shirt

Now there is a Mr. Robot t-shirt that shows Elliot and a slogan from the Trump campaign “Make America Great Again”.

You can get this Mr. Robot t-shirt in men and women’s styles in a wide range of fun colors and in sizes Small – 6XL.

Elliot Alderson is placed in a circle that has red and white details and below him, it says “Make America Great Again” and it also shows two masks of FSociety and the word “Mr. Robot”.

So if you want America great again then let’s bring down Evil Corp just like Elliot in Mr. Robot.

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buy Mr. Robot Fsociety And The City T-Shirt

Mr. Robot Fsociety And The City T-Shirt

If you want a special Mr. Robot t-shirt then look no further as this is the one.

On the t-shirt, you can see a city street and on the end of the street you can see the famous mask know from Fsociety and that names can be found on the side. Also, you can see Elliot walking down the street.

All that of course makes for a unique and special t-shirt that is available in a wide range of colors and sizes ranging from Small – 3XL and yes it does come in styles for both men and women.

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buy Mr. Robot Hello Friend Hardcover Journal

Mr. Robot Hello Friend Hardcover Journal

If you like Elliot from Mr. Robot then this journal could be something you want to look at.

On this hardcover notebook you can see a black and white portrait of Elliot Alderson on the front and yes he is wearing his famous hoodie while he stares straight at you. And if you look closely at the picture then you can see that on Elliot it also says “Hello Friend” just like you hear him say on TV.

The Mr. Robot journal has 128 pages of 90gsm paper stock and you can get it in lined, graph or blank paper so that you can get the notebook your want.

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