buy Heys Frozen Elsa Suitcase

Heys Frozen Elsa Suitcase

Heys Frozen Elsa Suitcase

Now you can take Frozen to the sky with this Frozen Elsa suitcase.

This hardshell suitcase made by Heys is light blue in the back and inside and the front is dark with on it a picture of Elsa in front of a frozen world.

This Frozen suitcase has spinner wheels and is carry on approved so that you can take Elsa on all your travel trips around the world.

The retractable handle and the 4 spinner wheels makes this Disney Frozen suitcase extremely handy and easy to use. And sure this suitcase has plenty of space and as it fit in the carry on compartment you never have to wait at the baggage claim any more.

Get ready to travel world with this Disney Frozen Elsa Suitcase.

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