buy Jack Skellington Suitcase

Jack Skellington Suitcase

If you like The Nightmare Before Christmas and traveling then you just need this Jack Skellington Suitcase.

This suitcase is black and white on the outside with on both the front and the back the face of Jack Skellington and both side has different expressions.

On the inside you can find many straps and other organizers to keep your luggage neatly organized. And the suitcase even comes with a Jack Skellington luggage tag.

The Nightmare Before Christmas suitcase is 20 x 13 1/4 x 9 inches and has 4 wheels and and extendable handle.

So Jack Skellington can now travel the world with you as he loves to see what is around the planet.

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buy Superman Suitcase

Superman Suitcase

If you like Superman and traveling then you should check out this Superman suitcase.

The suitcase is an officially licensed DC Comics product that is covered in the Superman logo and from the logo you can see the Man Of Steel showing up.

The hard suitcase is 20 X 14.3 X 9.75 inches and has a retractable handle and 4 wheels so that it is easy to push and pull around.

And the Superman suitcase has plenty of room inside as it has dividers there too so that you can organize your clothing and other travel needs when you get ready to travel in Superman style.

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buy Batman Logo Hardshell Suitcase

Batman Logo Hardshell Suitcase

If you like to travel like a superhero then this Batman suitcase is what you need.

This suitcase is a hardshell kind with on the front the Batman logo stamped into the case making it look really nice and special.

The suitcase has 4 wheels on the bottom making it a trolley suitcase and really easy to take around places.

Inside the Batman suitcase, it is mainly black with straps and compartments to store your belongings. And at 15 x 10 x 23.5 inches this suitcase is the perfect size for your next trip around the world.

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buy Captain America Suitcase

Captain America Suitcase

If you are a superhero then you travel a lot and that is why you need this Captain America suitcase as it has plenty of room for you superhero gear.

This Marvel trolley style suitcase looks like the costume of Captain America and measures 20 x 13 X 9 inch and it even has a zipper extension between the hard shells so that it can expand if you need more space when you travel home.

On the inside the suitcase is covered in the Marvel logo and it even comes with a red Marvel luggage tag.

Just get ready for your next trip with this Captain America suitcase that has 4 wheels and a retractable handle for easy travels.

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buy Spider-Man Suitcase

Spider-Man Suitcase

Now you can travel in style with this Spider-Man suitcase that is just what every Marvel fan ever dreamed of.

This hardcase suitcase look like the costume Spider-Man wears with a big blue space and then on the front the red area with the big black spider on it.

And this maybe a hard shell suitcase but it still can grow as the zipper area has room to expand so that you can take souvenirs home from your trips.

The Marvel suitcase 20 x 13 x 9 inch and has 4 wheels and a retractable handle and to make it even more complete they even added a red Marvel luggage tag so that you never have to loose your next favorite suitcase.

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buy Darth Vader Armor Rolling Carry On Suitcase

Darth Vader Armor Rolling Carry On Suitcase

Is there any better way to protect and carry your personal belongings than with the dark side of the force and a dark lord to top it off.

This is a suitcase that is based after the Star Wars dark lord Darth Vader. The suitcase is mainly black and features a print of Darth Vaders body armor. Find buttons and lights, screens and utility belt giving you the power of the dark side.

It has a telescopic handle a fully lined inner with a 16 inch x 7 inch mesh pocket. Elastic straps to secure all your belongings and four wheels that all turn 360 degree.

The Star Wars Darth Vader suitcase will fit as a carry on on most airlines and is the perfect gift for you or any Star Wars fan.

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buy Lightning McQueen Rolling Suitcase

Lightning McQueen Rolling Suitcase

Disney Pixar’s Cars was a great movie, and so was Cars 2. Lightning McQueen is the star of the show and he will be the star of your little one’s traveling needs.

Lightning McQueen is who this suitcase is shaped like. He is red with a lightning bolt with the number 95 down the side of it. There is a number 95 on the roof of the car and 4 black wheels incorporated in the suitcase fabric.

This rolling suitcase measures 10 inches by 5 inches by 16 inches, so it is perfect for the little traveler. It comes with a retractable handle, a main compartment with two pull zippers, a smaller outside pocket with a zipper, a top carrying strap and two wheels to make it roll.

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buy Star Wars R2-D2 Carry On Suitcase

Star Wars R2-D2 Carry On Suitcase

Is that R2-D2 from the hit series of Star Wars movies boarding the plane?

Oh no, wait! It’s just a really cool carry on luggage bag that looks just like the helpful robot R2-D2, complete with his design of buttons, cameras, lights and other mechanisms.

Made with a durable aluminum telescoping handle, four wheels for upright rolling in any direction, two zippers for easy access, lined inside with elastic bands to hold items in place and a very durable outter shell that is impact resistant.

This R2-D2 suitcase is made to stay whitin the restrictions of most airline carry on sizes, the total measurements of this suitcase including wheels and top handle: 14″ x 22.5″ x 8.5″.

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buy Disney Doc McStuffins Kids Suitcase

Disney Doc McStuffins Kids Suitcase

Children love to take charge of their lives, so why not get them their very own suitcase for travel, sleepovers or visits to grandma and grandpa’s.

They can help pack their own suitcase and wheel it around by themselves or it can provide hours of fun around the house, going on pretend trips.

The front of this cute suitcase has the picture of Dottie Doc McStuffins ready to fix toys with the help of Stuffy the blue dragon, Lambie in her pink tutu, Hallie the hippo in her nurse’s outfit and Chilly the snowman.

This purple 18″ x 11” x 9” hard-shell suitcase closes with a zipper and has a curved top handle and in-line skate wheels to make rolling easy for a child.

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buy Heys Frozen Elsa Suitcase

Heys Frozen Elsa Suitcase

Heys Frozen Elsa Suitcase

Now you can take Frozen to the sky with this Frozen Elsa suitcase.

This hardshell suitcase made by Heys is light blue in the back and inside and the front is dark with on it a picture of Elsa in front of a frozen world.

This Frozen suitcase has spinner wheels and is carry on approved so that you can take Elsa on all your travel trips around the world.

The retractable handle and the 4 spinner wheels makes this Disney Frozen suitcase extremely handy and easy to use. And sure this suitcase has plenty of space and as it fit in the carry on compartment you never have to wait at the baggage claim any more.

Get ready to travel world with this Disney Frozen Elsa Suitcase.

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