buy Betty Boop Air Freshener

Betty Boop Air Freshener

Betty Boop Air Freshener

This vent clip air freshener fits perfect in any Betty Boop decorated car.

It shows a nice picture of Betty on it sitting infront of a red star.

This air freshener clips on to your vent and this is one that will stay in place so no worry about flying air fresheners when you brake.

If you want the long lasting smell of Betty Boop in your car then come check out this Betty Boop Air Freshener.

Homer Simpson Air Freshener

Homer Simpsons underwear air freshener

We all can use some fresh air once in a while and for those moments they made little air fresheners that you can hang in your car, office, locker and where ever the smell is not great.

And now you can buy a Homer Simpsons air freshener and even though it will give you some fresh smells around you you will have to wait and see what it will smell like.

I don’t know if the smell will be nice as Homer is posing in his underwear with a can of Duff bear and the TV remote.

But on the other hand if you smells are real bad then it could be that Homer Simpsons smells are nicer.

Come get your own personal Homer Simpson Air Freshener.

Hello Kitty Air Freshener

Hello Kitty Strawberry Air Freshener

Time for some fresh air in your car or home and what would be more fun then having a Hello Kitty air freshener.

Stawberry scent will be surrounding you as soon as you get your Hello Kitty out of the package and soon you will enjoy the fresh scent all around.

Hello Kitty air freshener comes two in a pack so you can decorate and enjoy two place of freshe Strawberry scent.

The air freshener looks and is shaped like Hello Kitty complete with the bow in her hair.

A must have item for any smelly car or locker.

Come shop for your Hello Kitty Strawberry Air Freshener.