buy Daryl Dixon Air Freshener

Daryl Dixon Air Freshener

If you are a fan of The Walking Dead and like a car that smells nice then you just need this Daryl Dixon air freshener.

The Daryl air freshener smells like vanilla and has Daryl on it with on one side Daryl Dixon with The Walking Dead logo on it and the other side is just Daryl.

Now your car can have Daryl dangle from your car mirror and making everything smell fresh.

Besides for you car you could use this The Walking Dead air freshener in your sport or school locker too and then every time you open the door you can see Daryl and that will bring back memories of the TV series.

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buy Tina Belcher Air Freshener

Tina Belcher Air Freshener

If you like vanilla scent and Tina from Bob’s Burgers then you just need this Tina Belcher air freshener.

The air freshener shows Tina and below her a banner that says “Butts” something that Tina really likes.

The Bob’s Burgers air freshener is officially licensed and that means that this vanilla smell that Tina really likes.

Now you can have Tina hanging on your mirror in the car and she will remind you about butts while bringing that fresh smell to your car and you can hang this air freshener in a different place too like your locker at school or a stinky closet at home.

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buy Louise Rabbit Ear Hat Air Freshener

Louise Rabbit Ear Hat Air Freshener

Thanks to this Bob’s Burgers Louise rabbit ear hat air freshener you can make have a great smelling car again.

The Bob’s Burgers air freshener looks just like the rabbit ear hat that Louise Belcher wears all the time so having this dangling on your car’s mirror will just bring back memories about the girl that can smell fear.

I don’t know if this air freshener can mask the smell of fear but it can help with stinky cars and lockers.

No need to have a little tree as an air freshener because now Louise will help you with those foul smells.

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buy Bazinga Air Freshener

Bazinga Air Freshener

We all know what Bazinga means and if you don’t then you don’t need this The Big Bang Theory air freshener.

The round air freshener is red with a white circle in the middle and on top of that in yellow it says “Bazinga!” and that will be great to look at while this air freshener is hanging on your car mirror.

Sure Sheldon uses pine scented tree shaped air fresheners for his virtual reality experience in nature but this one is way cooler as it says “Bazinga” on it and it is round.

Stop having a smelly car by simply adding this Bazinga air freshener to it.

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buy Better Call Saul Air Freshener

Better Call Saul Air Freshener

If you need the number of a lawyer handy then this Better Call Saul air freshener is what you need.

The round air freshener is great for hanging on your car mirror or maybe in your locker at the gym, school, or work

The inside of the air freshener is yellow with a silhouette of Saul Goodman and the Better Cal Saul logo and on the edge, on an orange background, you can find his Not toll free phone number.

And with a lemon scent, this air freshener actually makes your car smell fresh again and that is a plus too.

I wonder if Heisenberg has this air freshener in his car.

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buy Star Wars Boba Fett Helmet Air Freshener

Star Wars Boba Fett Helmet Air Freshener

If Boba Fett is your favorite Star Wars character and your car kinda smells then you will need this Boba Fett helmet air freshener.

The air freshener is shaped just like the helmet that Boba Fett wears and it looks a bit beat up but I guess that is because of his bounty hunter job that gets him into some fights.

Star Wars fans can now have this fun air freshener dangling from their car mirror or you could even use it in your locker at school or work so that there the smell of wet towels also disappears.

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buy My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Air Freshener

My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Air Freshener

My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Air Freshener

Do you know what Rainbow Dash smells like?

This My Little Pony air freshener makes us believe that she smells like strawberry.

Are you one of those people that has an air freshener in their car?

If you like My Little Pony then why not replace that with one that looks like Rainbow Dash.

The Rainbow Dash air freshener is just like any air freshener but then better as it looks like a pony.

And besides great for the car you can also use this for other places like a pantry, locker or even you smelly shoes.

So if you like the smell of strawberries then why not take a closer look at this My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Air Freshener.

buy Cheer Bear Air Freshener

Cheer Bear Air Freshener

Cheer Bear Air Freshener from the Care Bears

Does your room, locker or car have a strange not pleasant smell?

No worries Cheer Bear will make it all smell great again.

This Care Bear with a rainbow on her belly is now available as an air freshener and that means it will smell nice and you can enjoy Cheer Bear all the time to.

The oval air freshener shows Cheer Bear hanging on a bunch of heart shaped balloons and of course she has a big happy smile on her bear face to.

So let the Care Bears give you a nice smelling life with this Care Bears – Cheer Bear Air Freshener.

buy Duck Dynasty Willie Air Freshener

Duck Dynasty Willie Air Freshener

Duck Dynasty Air Freshener

This is a Duck Dynasty air freshener that looks like Willie Robertson the CEO of Duck Commander.

And this is not just a air freshener that looks great not this is a little figure with arms and legs and they will make Willie dance while you are driving around.

Of course the Robertson boys are not knows because they smell so nice so that is why this Duck Dynasty air freshener will smell nice.
The Duck Dynasty air freshener smells like vanilla.

So not only will Willie dance for you he will also make things around him smell like vanilla.

If your car or other places need some fresh smell then you should check out this Duck Dynasty Willie Dancing Air Freshener. 

buy Jack Skellington Air Freshener

Jack Skellington Air Freshener

Jack Skellington Air Freshener

If you have a smelly car and you like The Nightmare Before Christmas then you are in luck.

This pack of 2 air fresheners not only make you car smell nice they also have Jake Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas on it.

The air freshener looks like a tombstone with Jake Skellington in front of it.

So now you can have your car smell nice and bring some fun from The Nightmare Before Christmas movie right to your car.

And you don’t have to use this air freshener in your car, you can hang it anywhere you like and everything will be start smelling nice.

Get ready to smell great with this The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington Air Freshener.