buy Aladdin Genie Backpack

Aladdin Genie Backpack

If you like a cool new bag then come see this Aladdin Genie Backpack.

This backpack is all light blue with black zippers and handle. On the light blue you can find the face of Genie who is the same color blue and there are many images of his face in many different expressions.

It is a fun Aladdin backpack that is 10 x 16 inches and has a smaller front pocket and all that space makes it great for school or any other adventures that makes you want to use a backpack.

Disney characters are great and Genie is just fun as he is all blue.

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buy Rajah Plush Tiger

Rajah Plush Tiger

If you like Aladdin and plush animals then you have to see this Rajah Plush Tiger.

This plush looks just like the real Rajah from the 1992 Aladdin movie and this tiger really looks happy to become your new friend as it has a friendly smile on its face.

The Rajah tiger is 21 inches making it a nice size plush and I am sure that kids and adults both will like this cute animal. Anyone that loves Disney movies and plush animals just need this adorable tiger.

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buy Jasmine Aladdin Adult Costume

Jasmine Aladdin Adult Costume

For Halloween, dress up parties or whenever you like get into this Princess Jasmine Aladdin adult costume.

This costume is based after the Disney animated movie Aladdin. Find a costume of Jasmine that is all teal blue with a very mice sheer overlay and sheer sleeves. Also some jewels attached to headband and pants.

Included with this costume is: Headband with hook and loop fastener. Top with sheer sleeves and elastic cuffs. Pants with elastic waistbands and cuffs.

With many sizes to choose from everyone can get into this Disney Aladdin Princess Jasmine adult costume. Sizes range from XS to L.

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buy Disney Aladdin Abu 12 Inch Plush

Disney Aladdin Abu 12 Inch Plush

Disney Aladdin has many fun characters to love now you can get your own monkey with this Abu 12 Inch Plush.

This is a plush stuffed monkey that is based after Abu from the animated Disney movie Aladdin. This plush Abu has all the features you would  expect like a big eyed friendly face. Also you will see the soft purple vest and of course there is an attached hat as seen in the animated classic Disney movie.

The Abu plush is made to be very soft and cuddly while super durable to last you a long time. It will also feature a Velcro sticky feet and hands to pose and secure Abu making Abu perfect for bedtime, road trips or taking to a movie.

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buy Jasmine Make A Wish Kids Nightgown

Jasmine Make A Wish Kids Nightgown

Disney Aladdin is a magical movie and this is a great bedtime addition of a Jasmine Make A Wish Kids Nightgown.

This is a nightgown that is based after the wonderful Disney animated classic movie of Aladdin. Find Princess Jasmine on the front in her teal dress, headband and a nice array of jewels and floral covering the background. Jasmine is also holding the magic lamp waiting for the genie so she can make a wish.

This Disney Aladdin Princess Jasmine nightgown is available in a wide selection of kids sizes that range from size 4 to 8. Made to be light weight and very comfortable for many nights of wishes.

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buy Princess Jasmine Plush

Princess Jasmine Plush

Now you can have your own Princess Jasmine Plush.

This is your opportunity to own a Disney princess and this Jasmine plush is so adorable everyone will want one.

A cute princess like this is great for kids and adults and at 8 inches tall it is just one of those plush creatures that will stand out with all your other plush animals.

Her famous blue outfit and some big eyes just make you want to keep staring at her.

A plush like this will look great in any room and you may have to fight with your child who is owning this Disney princess.

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