buy TMNT Raphael Kids Helmet

TMNT Raphael Kids Helmet

All parents should always make sure there child’s head is protected when the go outside riding their bicycle.

Do your kids love the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? If there favorite TMNT character is Raphael they would love to wear this cool Raphael helmet on their head while having fun on their bike.

This awesome TMNT Raphael helmet is in the shape and color of Raphael’s head wearing is red bandana tied in the back hanging down and his teeth are showing. In the back corner of the helmet, there is a picture of Raphael with a Sai his weapon of choice ready to fight off his enemy’s.

The cool kids Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Raphael helmet is ATSM/CPSC certified and measures 50-54 cm in size. Also, this helmet would be great to use when Roller blading, or when they are learning to skate or even skate boarding.

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buy TMNT Donatello Helmet

TMNT Donatello Helmet

Every kid needs a helmet when they ride their bike, go roller blading, or skateboarding.

If your kids love the TMNT then this awesome Donatello helmet would be perfect for them to wear and protect their head while out having fun on their bicycle.

This cool green Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle helmet is in the shape of Donatello’s head wearing his purple bandana that ties around his eyes hanging down in the back with a smile on his face. Also In the back corner, there is a picture of Donatello with his bo staff in one of his fighting poses with his name written above.

This bike helmet is for kids of ages 5 and up, measures 50-54 cm in size, and is ATSM/CPSC certified.

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buy Spider-Man Toddler Bike Helmet

Spider-Man Toddler Bike Helmet

The people from Bell make this special Spider-Man toddler bike helmet.

Kids like grownups don’t really like their helmets unless you make them look fun.

This blue bicycle helmet is fun and cool and it has Spider-Man on it.

Now you don’t have to worry about your kid so much as this helmet will keep them a lot safer while cycling around.

The blue helmet has reflectors for more visibility and an extended rear coverage so that the back will be protected too.

This helmet really will make sure that your kid is a lot safer without having to tell them that they have to watch what they are doing.

Now you kid can focus on fun and learning how to ride their bike while wearing a superhero helmet.

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buy Spider-Man Kids Bike Helmet And Bell

Spider-Man Kids Bike Helmet And Bell

If your kid loves to take his bicycle out or his scooter and maybe he likes to rollerblade.
For all those activities it would be smart if they would wear a protective helmet.

And now you can give them a Spider-Man helmet which of course will protect your kid from impact and is decorated with all things Spider-Man. There is the logo, a spider and of course a big Spider-Man picture on top.

And this is not just a bicycle helmet it also comes with a bell for the bike which of course also has Spider-Man on it.

If your kid loves Spider-Man then you should protect them with superhero power.

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Transformers Bumblebee Helmet And Horn

Transformers Bumblebee Toddler Helmet

When your riding around playing Transformers make sure you are wearing the officially licensed Bumblebee helmet to protect you from the bad guys. This Transformers Bumblebee helmet is a great way to show off your love for the Autobots and keep you safe. With lots of bright yellow and a cool design of Bumblebee on the helmet and horn, your enimies will see you coming and probly get out of your way. This helmet includes an awsome horn that can easily mount to handle bars and the helmet has 7 top vents to allow for great ventilation.

Get your Transformers Bumblebee toddlers helmet.

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buy Lightning McQueen bicycle Helmet

Lightning McQueen bicycle Helmet

Wearing protective gear when biking doesn’t make sense to kids so how to make them wear it?

Simply give them something they like. How about this hardshell helmet with Lightning McQueen from the movie Cars on it.

The Helmet is nice and red and has the Cars logo on it and Lightning on the side. And to make it even better this helmet comes with one set of protective pads that can be used on elbows or knees.

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Optimus Prime Bicycle Helmet

Transformers Optimus Prime Bike Helmet and bicycle Bell

Kids love to ride there bikes but hate to wear the helmets, how do we solve that?

Simple give them a helmet they love like this one for the Transformers fans.

This red Optimus Prime bicycle helmet looks great and is safe for you kids. And it even comes with a Optimus Prime Bell.

Now you can just stop worrying because your kids head will be protected by robot power.

Check out this Transformers Optimus Prime Bicycle Helmet and Bell.