buy Cars Cruz Ramirez Figurine

Cars Cruz Ramirez Figurine

We all know that Lightning McQueen is getting a bit older and is not racing so great anymore but luckily he has Cruz Ramirez to train him back to shape.

And you can own a figurine of Cruz Ramirez.

This is a Pop! figurine made by Funko and it numbered 284 on the box.

The figurine shows the yellow car complete with the number 51 on the side and some Dinoco advertisement.

And unlike most Pop! figurines this one is rated ages 3+ so even kids can collect them and maybe even play with them.

Support Lightning in his quest back to the top and that will start with adding Cruz Ramirez to your collection.

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buy Lightning McQueen Flame Helmet

Lightning McQueen Flame Helmet

If your child wants to ride a scooter, bike, or do rollerblading then a helmet would be a smart thing to have and now there is this amazing looking Lightning McQuee flame helmet.

This is not just any helmet this is one that has a big 3D foam flame hawk on top that makes it look like the kids are going so fast. The Cars helmet shows Lightning McQueen on one side with flames behind him and his racing number 95 on the other side.

The helmet is made by Bell and that means quality your child needs.

The Cars 3 Lightning McQueen helmet will fit a head size 48-52 CM.

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buy Lightning McQueen Car Sun Shade

Lightning McQueen Car Sun Shade

Now there is a Lightning McQueen car sun shade that makes your car a lot more like car number 95.

The car sun shade shows two big eyes and above it, it is red and that would transform your car’s windshield just like the one Lightning McQueen has.

So now just paint a big 95 on the side of your car and people will believe it is a real life Lightning McQueen.

Kids will love it too even though they don’t have a real car yet I am sure that they will like to see it on your car.

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buy 8Bit Lightning McQueen Night Light

8Bit Lightning McQueen Night Light

Now there is a Cars Lightning McQueen night light that will bring light to the dark while showing the cool car with number 95.

The Cars night light does not just show a normal image of Lightning, this time the image looks like an 8bit computer image but the car is driving on the road with a blue sky above it that says “Lightning McQueen” on it and if you want you can have your name there for no extra cost making it a fun personalized present.

The night light has a switch on the front so that you can turn it on and off when needed.

Now Lightning McQueen will prevent you from being scared in the dark as he will bring light whenever you need it.

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buy Lightning McQueen Binder

Lightning McQueen Binder

Now there is a Lightning McQuee binder for the true fans of Cars.

The red Avery binder reminds us of Lightning McQueen winning the Piston Cup.

The binder is red with the same image of car number 95 on both the front ana back and the WGP logo on the side.

The Cars binder is available in a range of sizes so that you can get the perfect binder for school, office, or at home.

Kids and adults will love this binder as it looks just way cooler than a boring plain colored binder.

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buy Number 95 Lightning McQueen T-Shirt

Number 95 Lightning McQueen T-Shirt

Lightning McQueen is back and this t-shirt proves it.

The t-shirt is available in red or black and comes in styles and sizes for men, women, and kids so that the whole family can enjoy this Cars t-shirt.

On the t-shirt, you can see the number 95 and in the number, you can see Lightning McQueen just spinning around.

Kids and adults love the Cars movies and their star Lightning so wear this t-shirt and show you pride to the world.

As you can see the red looks really nice with the graphics but the black maybe even cooler so click on the picture to see that version of this Cars t-shirt.

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buy Disney Cars Chair Desk For Kids

Disney Cars Chair Desk For Kids

If you are looking for a little chair or desk for your little one to play on then you have to see this Cars chair desk.

If you child loves cars and Lightning McQueen then this is what you need.

The chair desk is one piece (when assembled) so that your kid does not have to worry about things and it red and blue and has lots of decals on it based on the Cars franchise and yes of course there is one of Lightning McQueen racing on it to and to make it even better the chair has a basket under it so that you can store some of your child’s toys out of sight.

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buy Lightning McQueen Face Beanie Hat

Lightning McQueen Face Beanie Hat

If you are looking for a nice warm hat for the colder wheather and love the Disney animated character Lighning McQueen then have a look at this hat.

This is an all red hat that features the car decals and face of the Disney movie Cars character of Lightning McQueen. Find the winsheild eyes a small smile along with lightning bolts and a piston cup logo.

The Cars beanie hat is available in a one size fits most youth kids so it will fit a wide range of sizes. It is made to be super durable with a 100% acrylic outter shell. It will be super comfortable too with an inner shell lining of 100% polyester.

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buy Lightning McQueen Rolling Suitcase

Lightning McQueen Rolling Suitcase

Disney Pixar’s Cars was a great movie, and so was Cars 2. Lightning McQueen is the star of the show and he will be the star of your little one’s traveling needs.

Lightning McQueen is who this suitcase is shaped like. He is red with a lightning bolt with the number 95 down the side of it. There is a number 95 on the roof of the car and 4 black wheels incorporated in the suitcase fabric.

This rolling suitcase measures 10 inches by 5 inches by 16 inches, so it is perfect for the little traveler. It comes with a retractable handle, a main compartment with two pull zippers, a smaller outside pocket with a zipper, a top carrying strap and two wheels to make it roll.

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buy Lightning McQueen Christmas Ornament

Lightning McQueen Christmas Ornament

If you Christmas tree can use an ornament with Lightning McQueen on it then this could be the one you want.

This ceramic ornament is flat and shows the same image on both sides. As you can see the background is decorate in red in pink Christmas motive and on top of that you can see Lightning McQueen ready for winter with big tires and lots of lamps and it think even some snow and a new green stripe on the side.

You can get this Lightning McQueen tree ornament in different shapes to. We showed you the star but round, oval and heart are options to.

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