buy Black Panther Ring

Black Panther Ring

If you need some cool jewelry and you like Black Panther then you should check out this Marvel Black Panther ring.

The metal ring is a cool men’s ring in ring size 10 and has a cool center that looks like the mask of Black Panther and to make this ring even cooler then you are in luck as you can turn the center and then it shows the Black Panther logo.

So not only can you have a cool ring on your fingers you can keep playing with it all day to as the turning center is just fun and changes the look on your fingers.

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buy Black Panther Figurine

Black Panther Figurine

Now there is an amazing Black Panther figurine.

This Marvel superhero figure is a 5000 pieces limited edition collectors item that is handcrafted and hand painted.

The figurine of Black Panther is 8 inches tall and it shows the superhero has a base that looks like stone and it says “Black Panther” and it does shows the superhero stands on a Wakandan jungle-inspired sculpted rock and that makes it really good.

So now you can have an amazing figurine of one amazing looking Marvel superhero and as it is a limited run item you won’t see this figure often.

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buy Black Panther Heat Changing Mug

Black Panther Heat Changing Mug

Now there is a cool Black Panther heat changing mug.

The mug is black and has on one side the Black Panther logo and the other side shows the Black Panther mask and it looks really black and then when you put your hot coffee, tea, or hot chocolate in it and the mask will change color to look even cooler and maybe even look like 3D.

The 20oz mug is great in size but you have to wash it by hand and can not use it in the microwave because then your heat changing feature will break.

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buy Black Panther Mug

Black Panther Mug

If you like superheroes and coffee then you should check out this Black Panther mug.

The 12oz ceramic mug is white on the inside and you find the mask logo and the outside of the mug is black and on one side you can see the Black Panther and on the other side it shows the Black Panther logo.

The Marvel mug is microwave and dishwasher safe so this could be the mug you use all day long at home and the office with the beverage of your choice inside it.

No longer do you need a boring plain mug because the Black Panther is here.

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buy Black Panther Backpack

Black Panther Backpack

Now there is a nice Black Panther backpack for all the fans of this amazing superhero.

The Marvel backpack is black and has Black Panther logo on the back with some pendants dangling below it.

And this Black Panther backpack offers plenty of space as it has a lot of pockets and one is even a laptop pocket that is fleece lined.

The black backpack is 20 x 11 x 6.5 inches and offers plenty of space and has adjustable straps and even outside pockets for things like your water bottle.

Now going to school or work will be a bit more fun all thanks to this cool black backpack.

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buy 2 Pairs of Black Panther Socks

2 Pairs of Black Panther Socks

Now there are socks for superhero fans like you because these are two pairs of Black Panther socks.

The Marvel socks are crew socks and will look great on both men and women.

The first pair is black with a cool graphics with a nice image of Black Panther on it and the name of the superhero below it.

The second pair of socks are light grey in cocoa with black stripes and around the leg you will see a Black Panther face like a crest.

So now you can have the perfect socks and you can even decide to do a mix and match sock day by wearing one of the each pair.

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buy Black Panther Scratched Mask T-Shirt

Black Panther Scratched Mask T-Shirt

If you like a cool superhero t-shirt then you should check out this Black Panther scratched mask t-shirt.

The t-shirt unisex and that makes it cool for men and women and is available in many colors and comes in sizes Small – 3XL.

On the shirt you can see the mask of Black Panther and then on the image you can see scratches that where probably left by a claw of a panther and besides that there is the Marvel logo.

So now you can have the coolest Marvel superhero on your shirt as this is just an amazing shirt.

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buy Black Panther Laptop Sleeve

Black Panther Laptop Sleeve

If you like Black Panther and you have a laptop then you should check out this Black Panther laptop sleeve.

This laptop case is made to protect your computer while it looks amazing. You can get this Marvel laptop sleeve is available in two sizes for 13 and 15 inch laptops and yes other sizes will fit inside it too.

The outside of the sleeve shows an amazing background that reminds me a lot of the Matrix only in blue and on top of that you can find the Black Panther himself crouching down on top of the movies logo.

So now traveling with your laptop to school, work, or the coffee shop will be in style all thanks to this laptop cover.

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buy Black Panther Car Floor Mat

Black Panther Car Floor Mat

Fans of the Black Panther movie can now have something cool for their car as this is a set of Black Panther car floor mats.

The car mats will make you car into a superhero car and now you can even have a true superhero at your feet.

The car floor mat comes in a set of two so that you and your passenger can stare at their feet all because of the image of the Black Panther.

The floor mat shows a hill with on it the Black Panther in his outfit with his claws out and just like he looked like in the Marvel Black Panther movie.

So if you like to make you car look better and if you like to replace those ugly mats you have now then you just should check them out.

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buy Mask Of Black Panther Wallet

Mask Of Black Panther Wallet

If you like the Black Panther movie and need a place to store you money and cards then you should check out this mask of Black Panther wallet.

The Black Panther wallet is made from 100% nylon and closes with velcro and it is a trifold wallet that even comes in different colors.

On the front and back of the wallet you can see a green background print with the Marvel Black Panther logo on the lower part and above that you can find the mask of the Black Panther in a look that reminds me a bit of an Xray and that makes it really look neat.

Inside the wallet you will find a pocket for paper money, two credit card slots and one pocket that has a window and that is made for an ID card like a drivers license.

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