buy Eleven Name Necklace

Eleven Name Necklace

If you are a big Stranger Things fan then you should check out this Eleven name necklace.

The necklace has a 16 inches long chain with a 3 1/2 inch extender and it is a metal necklace that is silver in tone and on the middle you find the name “Eleven” and if you are a big fan Jane Ives then you just need this special piece of jewerly.

This is an officially licenced item that could be perfect for around you neck and it would be perfect for around the neck of Eleven too.

So now you can get yourself or a friend this amazing Stranger Things jewelry.

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buy Beauty And The Beast Tree Of Life Necklace

Beauty And The Beast Tree Of Life Necklace

If you after watching Beauty and The Beast want the same tree of life pendant necklace that Emma Watson wears as Princess Belle then you are in luck.

This is the tree of life necklace and you can order one for yourself and all your friends.

The replica of the necklace worn in the movie Beauty and the Beast has a gold colored ribbon necklace with the tree dangling on it and yes it has sparkling stones on it too so that it looks exactly like the one Princess Belle wears.

This may not be fancy expensive jewelry but it will look stunning on your especially if you wear a yellow princess dress.

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buy Game Of Thrones Dragon Egg Pendant Necklace

Game Of Thrones Dragon Egg Pendant Necklace

Daenerys Targaryen is the mother of dragons, as seen on the awesome television show Game of Thrones she has three dragon eggs.

The pendant is based after the greenish egg with all the scale features in an oval pendant using a high quality image that really looks like a real dragon egg. It is finished off with a gunmetal chain link necklace that is smooth and sharp looking making it a great addition to your jewelry box.

The pendant has a glass outer shell and measures 1 inch x 1.25 inches and comes with a chain that is 24 inches in length.

You can also get the Game Of Thrones dragon egg pendant necklace in different metal colors such as silver, copper and bronze.

Get your Game Of Thrones Dragon Egg Pendant Necklace

buy Harry Potter Wand Necklace

Harry Potter Wand Necklace

If you want to be able to do magic then maybe wearing this Harry Potter wand necklace can make it happen.

The Harry Potter necklace is a cord necklace that is 21 inches long with a 3-inch extender and on this necklace, you will find a charm that is a replica of the wand of Harry Potter.

Yes, it is not the real wand as that would be a little bit big for on a necklace so this wand is a perfect replica and is 2 1/2 inches long.

So now you can have a piece of Harry Potter near all day long by simply wearing this special wand necklace.

Get your Harry Potter Wand Necklace

buy Louise Rabbit Ears Hat Necklace

Louise Rabbit Ears Hat Necklace

Louise Belcher has to be your favorite character from the Bob’s Burgers cartoons and if it is then you need to see this rabbit ears necklace.

The necklace is an 18 inches long chain with a 4 inch extender and on that chain you will find a pendant that is the famous rabbit ear hat that Louise always wears and beside that there is a little metal pendant that says “I smell fear on you” and that is one of those things you expect Louise to say.

A Bob’s Burgers fan is going to love this necklace and it does not matter if you buy one for yourself or for a friend as this is one of those items only a true Bob’s Burgers fan understands.

Get your Louise Rabbit Ears Hat Necklace

buy Adventure Time Shaker Necklace

Adventure Time Shaker Necklace

If like Adventure Time and need some fun jewelry then you have to check out this Adventure Time shaker necklace because it is fun and stylish.

The necklace has a big charm that is shaped like the hood of Finn and in the middle, there is a see-through part in which you can find 4 cubes that shows 4 characters and as you can see there is Jake, Finn, BMO, and the Lumpy Space Princess. And just shake the necklace and the cubes will move and that makes it a fun shaker necklace.

The Adventure Time necklace is 18 inches and has a 3-inch extender to so that it look stunning around your neck.

Get your Adventure Time Shaker Necklace

buy Harley Quinn Charm Necklace With 5 Charms

Harley Quinn Charm Necklace With 5 Charms

If you are a big fan of Batman villain Harley Quinn then this charm necklace is what you want.

This Harley Quinn necklace is not just any necklace it is a necklace that gives you many looks.

The necklace comes with 5 interchangeable charms so that you can pick and choose between the charms for the look you want to go with that day.

There are 5 charms included with the necklace and they include logo’s, heart, jester hat and of course her hammer. All the pendants are made from metal and have an enamel finish and they look great on the 18 inch necklace that also has an 3 inch extender.

Get your Harley Quinn Charm Necklace With 5 Charms

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buy Darth Vader Pendant Necklace

Darth Vader Pendant Necklace

A true fan of the dark side of course wants the world to know and this Darth Vader necklace could be a great start.

The necklace is black and 22 inch long and on that you find a pendant of Darth Vader or at least his head / helmet.

Of course with having Darth Vader around you neck you warn the world to watch out for you because you have support of the Dark Side.

This special Star Wars jewelry comes in a Star Wars gift box and makes for a great present for a friend or yourself.

Get your Darth Vader Pendant Necklace

buy The Nightmare Before Christmas Pendant Necklace

The Nightmare Before Christmas Pendant Necklace

A classic movie of The Nightmare Before Christmas deserves a very astonishing piece of jewelry to show off the art and characters that have become a household favorite.

The pendant features a large purple crystal heart that has the famous scene silhouette images of Jack Skellington and Sally high up and a large full moon in the background.

Attached to the top of this crystal heart is a smaller sterling silver heart shape frame that has a silver portrait of Jack and Sally with the rest of the heart filled in with red Swarovski crystals.

The back of the Purple Crystal has the tex of “THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS 1993” and also included is an 18 inch sterling silver chain.

Make this the perfect and special gift as it comes in a presentation box and a purple velvet jewelry pouch.

Get your The Nightmare Before Christmas Pendant Necklace

buy Supernatural Anti-Possession Pendant Necklace

Supernatural Anti-Possession Pendant Necklace

This Supernatural necklace is not only great looking it also helps you with demon possessions.

The necklace has an 18 inch chain and a 1 inch pendant and the pendant is the anti-possession symbol so that you never have to worry about a nasty demon trying to steal your body.

The pendant shows the anti-possession symbol in a worn silver tone with a galaxy stone behind it.

Jewelry like this is not only great looking but if it would keep demons away a great way to stay human.

Get your Supernatural Anti-Possession Pendant Necklace