buy Spider-Man Bubble Wand

Spider-Man Bubble Wand

Now there is this fun Spider-Man Bubble Wand that is great for all the Marvel fans.

We all know about blowing soap bubbles and sometimes it fun but other times you just want the bubbles but don’t want to blow them yourself and that is when this bubble wand is just perfect.

The wand is blue with a red ball on the bottom and the head of Spider-Man on the top and there is a switch when you switch it up there will be bubbles and even light and when you switch it down then there will only be light making it a fun toy for in the dark too.

This bubble wand is great for all Spider-Man fans but it is rated ages 3+ so maybe not the really little once.

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buy PAW Patrol Bubble Bucket

PAW Patrol Bubble Bucket

If your child loves to blow bubbles but it often ends up with bubble solution everywhere then you have to check out this spill proof PAW Patrol bubble bucket.

The bubble bucket is red and blue and it has PAW Patrol pups on the outside and it also has the PAW Patrol logo.

The bucket is spill proof making it just perfect because now the bubble solution is going to last a lot longer.

The PAW Patrol bucket comes with 3 bubble wands and bubble solution so that your child can start making bubbles fly as soon as they get this fun outdoor toy.

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