buy PAW Patrol Advent Calendar

PAW Patrol Advent Calendar

Advent calendar are fun for kids and adults and now there is an PAW Patrol advent calendar that is just what kids will like.

Inside the advent calendar you can find many figures to play with and it does include Shase, Skye, Rubble and more and there are Christmas things in there to like a Christmas tree and even a snowman.

It’s just a fun calendar that will make a little PAW Patrol fan happy as they will get 24 new toys that are all related to PAW Patrol so great to play with even after the holiday.

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buy PAW Patrol Skye Hoodie

PAW Patrol Skye Hoodie

If your child loves PAW Patrol then this Skye hoodie is just perfect for them.

The PAW Patrol hoodie is available in wide selection of toddler sizes and the pink color makes it perfect for a little girl.

The hood of the hoodie has the goggles from Skye on it and a picture of Skye can be found on the front together with the text “PAW Patrol” and to make it more like a fun puppy hoodie they added a paw print to each sleeve.

The PAW Patrol hoodie is nice a soft and has a zipper on the front making it the perfect go-to piece of clothing for your little girl.

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buy PAW Patrol Skye Placemat

PAW Patrol Skye Placemat

Now there is a PAW Patrol Skye placemat for everyone that likes to keep the table clean while eating while looking amazing.

The placemat shows Skye running on the beach in her pink outfit and she looks really happy.

The PAW Patrol placemat is 12 x 18 inches and has rounded corners and when you spill some food on it then just a damp cloth will easily clean it.

And yes this Skye placemat is great for kids and adults and besides food, you can use it to do your art on too.

Time to decorate the table in style with a cool placemat like this that is just perfect for all the PAW Patrol fans.

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buy Thermos PAW Patrol Lunch Box

Thermos PAW Patrol Lunch Box

If you are looking for the perfect PAW Patrol lunch box then look no further as you found the perfect Thermos PAW Patrol lunch box.

On this cool lunch box, you can see Chase, Rubble, and Marshall and they look really happy to be part of your lunch experience.

The PAW Patrol lunch box is mainly red and has blue details and handle and as it is made by Thermos you know it is a quality product that will last many lunch hours at school and work.

If you are looking for the perfect lunch box for back to school then you can surprise your child with this cool PAW Patrol lunch box.

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buy PAW Patrol Car Seat

PAW Patrol Car Seat

If your child loves PAW Patrol and needs a car seat then check out this PAW Patrol car seat that has Marshall on it and is just perfect at keeping your child safe and secure while on the backseat of your car.

The car seat is perfect for kids that like Marshall as this famous PAW Patrol character can be found sitting on the back of this car seat so your buddy is always there when traveling.

And this car seat is good for kids weight 22 – 100 lbs and has all the safety features you want and exceeds mosts standards (click the Buy Now button to read about them). It even has an adjustable headrest and built-in harness to make it perfect for kids in many age groups.

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buy PAW Patrol Adhesive Bandages

PAW Patrol Adhesive Bandages

Little fans of PAW Patrol know what it is like when you have a little cut or bruise because then you need a bandage and now there are PAW Patrol adhesive bandages.

This box contains 20 PAW Patrol bandages and they are all cool because they have characters from PAW Patrol on them.

The bandages are made by Band-Aid so you know it is a quality product that also just looks amazing when put on the skin.

Maybe you child even want a bandage on when there is nothing to cover just because they look so amazingly fun.

Make your child happy quickly after a little accident thanks to these PAW Patrol Band-Aid bandages.

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buy PAW Patrol Paper Cups

PAW Patrol Paper Cups

If you want a PAW Patrol party then you just need these PAW Patrol paper cups.

These cups come in a pack of 8 and can hold up to 11oz. in drinks.

On the PAW Patrol cups, you can find Chase, Marshall, Rocky, Zuma, Rubble, Skye and Ryder so they are just perfect for a PAW Patrol themed party.

The fun cups will be loved by the kids that love the puppies from PAW Patrol and that means they may pay more attention to where their juice ends up.

You don’t need everything PAW Patrol for your party but having cups like this is a great start.

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buy PAW Patrol Pups Lamp

PAW Patrol Pups Lamp

Now you can light up the room of you child with this fun PAW Patrol table lamp.

The table lamp has a cool shade that has a light blue background and on that, you will find Chase, Marshall, Rubble, and Rocky and even the PAW Patrol logo.

It’s just a fun lamp that will make a child that loves PAW Patrol really happy.

And if you don’t want a table lamp but still want to light up a room PAW Patrol style then you can also get the same design on a smaller standing lamp or a hanging lamp and even just as a lamp shade.

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buy PAW Patrol Rubble Personalized Christmas Ornament

PAW Patrol Rubble Personalized Christmas Ornament

If you child loves Rubble from PAW Patrol then they will love this Christmas ornament for the tree.

This ornament looks like the bulldozer from Rubble and yes the dog is sitting in it with a big smile on its face. And on the front of the bulldozer, you can see a big red present.

And to make this PAW Patrol ornament even better they added the option to personalize it so that it has your child’s name on the side of the track.

This ornament will make the Christmas tree look stunning this year and the Rubble ornament has a ribbon on it so that it is ready for hanging in the tree.

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buy PAW Patrol All Paws On Deck Lunch Box

PAW Patrol All Paws On Deck Lunch Box

If you are looking for a great kids lunch box then this PAW Patrol lunch box is what you need.

The lunch box made by Yubo is strong and amazing and almost all of it can just go in the dishwasher to clean.

The lunch box shows on the front and back a picture of many of the PAW Patrol puppies and Ryder.

And this PAW Patrol lunch box comes with a sandwich box, 2 snack boxes, and an ice pack and other options are available too. And the lunch box has a handy carry handle on top and the side color of the lunch box is available in many colors too.

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