buy Personalized Caillou Trick Or Treat Bag

Personalized Caillou Trick Or Treat Bag

Now there is a Caillou trick or treat bag so that you little Caillou fan can have a bag to collect candy with Halloween.

The Caillou bag is black and on it, you can see a circle with in it Caillou and he is dressed up as a dinosaur and he has a pumpkin to collect his candy in and yes his famous cat is there too.

Around the circle, it says “Trick Or Treat” on the top and below the circle, it can have the name of your child and that makes this a cool personalized Caillou trick or treat bag that will be perfect for a lot of candies.

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buy Caillou Sticker Sheets

Caillou Sticker Sheets

Now you can have fun a fun Caillou sticker or actually more then one as each sheet has 6 stickers and they come in a pack of 4 sheets.

If you know a kid that love Caillou then this sheet of stickers would be a great present and they make for great party favors to so that many children can enjoy sticking fun stickers of Caillou and his friends all over the place.

On the stickers you can see Caillou in different scenes with his friends and that of course is lots of fun to have.

Now we just need a place to put those fun stickers of Caillou but I am sure that they will go on almost anything but the kids will be more then willing to try that out.

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buy Caillou And Gilbert Christmas Tree Ornament

Caillou And Gilbert Christmas Tree Ornament

Having Caillou in the Christmas tree would be a really exciting thing for kids and now that is possible with this fun tree ornament.

The edge of the ornament is fun striped in all kind of colors and then you can find an image on it of Caillou with Gilbert the cat going down the hill on a sleigh.

And to make this ornament even more special you can choose to have your child’s name and the year printed on the ornament at no extra cost so that you can remember this Christmas for many more years.

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buy Caillou Memory Matching Card Game

Caillou Memory Matching Card Game

Little Caillou is such a great character on an education television show to help your toddlers and pre-schoolers to learn many things with he and his friends help.

The tiles includes graphics of Roxy, Teddy, Clementine and Sarah. Your little one will love all of the colors and shapes that the game provides, and you will see an improvement of their matching and memory skills in no time. They are very colorful and will enthrall your children for hours.

This Caillou matching game includes 72 tiles in all (36 matches). The box measures approximately 1.5 inches by 8 inches by 10.5 inches. That will fit anywhere you store your games.

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buy Caillou Blue Lunch Bag

Caillou Blue Lunch Bag

Lunch boxes are something every kid needs when they first go tot school. And if your child love Caillou then this is the perfect lunch bag for them.

The insulated bag offers plenty of room for food and drinks.

And this lunch bag is dark blue with a picture of a sitting Caillou and besides that it has your child’s name making it a lot less likely your kid will loose the bag or mixes them up with friends.

On the bag there is room for a 9 character name that will be printed right on the bag to be the perfect lunch solution for your kid.

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buy Caillou Toy All-Terrain Vehicle

Caillou Toy All-Terrain Vehicle

Caillou is so loved by many kids and adults too. With the good messages he delivers, he is sure to also send some fun their way with this amazing, bright toy.

This bright Caillou Toy is an All-Terrain Vehicle with bright yellow and red racing stripes on a blue body. It has big rubber tires and has Caillou coming through the vehicles sun roof to make sure he is going in the right direction. He is thinking “safety first” with his red helmet.

This All-Terrain Vehicle can go on land or in the water which can make bath time extra fun. It has soft non-marking rubber tires and all you have to do is pull it back and watch Caillou go!

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buy Caillou Large Coloring Pad

Caillou Large Coloring Pad

Caillou is a wonderful children’s show that was based on the books by Christine L’Heureux. He is such an inquisitive young boy and loves to explore the world around him. If you have a young one in your life you may know all about him.

The cover of this coloring pad has so many vibrant colors that you can’t wait to get inside.

There are 24 coloring pages inside to develop your little ones fine motor skills with crayons. It will also build their imagination with as many color combinations as they want.

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buy Caillou Napkins

Caillou Napkins

When you are having a party then you will need napkins to wipe those dirty fingers on.

And if you have a Caillou birthday party then of course you want some Caillou napkins.

These paper napkins come in a pack of 16 and on them you can see your friend Caillou and he is waving at you.

Kids are gone love these napkins now you just hope they will use them instead of their clothes to wipe their dirty hands on.

A Caillou themed party all starts with some fun party napkins like these.

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buy Caillou My First Gym Puzzle

Caillou My First Gym Puzzle

How do you keep kids busy when they can’t go outside to play?

You could get them to do a fun puzzle like this Caillou one.

This Caillou jigsaw puzzle shows a guy with kids and parents and so many things to do.
And it says on the puzzle “My first gym puzzle” so it seems to be Caillou’s first visit to the gym.

Caillou’s puzzle is 45 pieces and measures 15.7 x 11.8 inch when it completely build.

Kids will have lots of fun with this puzzle and everything it shows them.

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buy Caillou And Stars Christmas Stocking

Caillou And Stars Christmas Stocking

Kids are gone love this Caillou Christmas stocking.

The stocking is red with a white top and on the red you can find a big picture of Caillou on the front and stars in all kind of colors on the back. And on the white part you can see stars and your name because you can get this stocking personalize at no extra cost.
So now all the kids can have the same stocking with their own name and that makes it easy for Santa to deliver those stocking stuffers.

This Caillou Christmas stocking is 16″ long and 7″ wide leaving enough space for those fun gifts.

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