buy South Park Ornament Set

South Park Ornament Set

This Christmas you tree can look amazing if you look this South Park ornament set that includes 5 amazing looking 3D ornaments.

South Park makes me smile and it does the same to you then adding these fun ornaments to your tree then you will smile any time you watch them dangle on a branch.

The set includes Eric Cartman, Stan Marsh, Kenny McCormick, Kyle Broflovski, and Chef Junior McElroy all ready to celebrate Christmas with you. And Kyle even brought Mr. Hankey so you get 6 South Park characters in this fun Christmas decorations set.

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buy Personalized Elmo Christmas Ornament

Personalized Elmo Christmas Ornament

Now there is the personalized Elmo Christmas ornament that would be an amazing piece of Christmas decoration for your child.

The ornament has a green wreath with a red bow on the top and in the middle, you can see a happy Elmo and he is holding a big present.

Below Elmo, it will have your child’s name and that will look so amazing in your tree and your kid will be so happy to see Elmo from Sesame Street in the Christmas tree.

The personalized ornament can hold a name up to 9 characters and will be one of those keep sake pieces that will look stunning in your tree for many years.

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buy 3 Dragons Ornaments From Game of Thrones

3 Dragons Ornaments From Game of Thrones

Now you can have your own dragons just like the real once from Game of Thrones.

The set includes the 3 dragons from Game of Thrones and they look really the only thing that makes them look different is because they are hanging on a chain.

The dragons are 4 inches long and have a wingspan of 5 inches.

You can hang these Game of Thrones dragons where ever you want like from your bedroom ceiling or maybe even in the Christmas tree.

They are like figurines that fly and that makes these dragons highly collectible especially if you like Game of Thrones.

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buy Bob’s Burgers Ceramic Christmas Ornament

Bob’s Burgers Ceramic Christmas Ornament

This Christmas you can have a famous chef in your Christmas tree as this is a Bob’s Burgers tree ornament.

This round ornament is made from ceramic and comes with a nice gold colored bow to hang it in your Christmas tree.

On the ceramic ornament, you can see Bob from Bob’s Burgers and he is holding up a burger and smiling. So maybe Christmas dinner this year should be a burger made by Bob.

No boring plain colored ornaments on your tree this holiday season because Bob likes the tree to be more tasteful and that means it has to start with this Bob’s Burgers Christmas ornament.

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buy PAW Patrol Rubble Personalized Christmas Ornament

PAW Patrol Rubble Personalized Christmas Ornament

If you child loves Rubble from PAW Patrol then they will love this Christmas ornament for the tree.

This ornament looks like the bulldozer from Rubble and yes the dog is sitting in it with a big smile on its face. And on the front of the bulldozer, you can see a big red present.

And to make this PAW Patrol ornament even better they added the option to personalize it so that it has your child’s name on the side of the track.

This ornament will make the Christmas tree look stunning this year and the Rubble ornament has a ribbon on it so that it is ready for hanging in the tree.

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buy MLP Pinkie Pie And Fluttershy Christmas Ornament Set

MLP Pinkie Pie And Fluttershy Christmas Ornament Set

This Christmas your Christmas tree can have My Little Pony ornaments in them and it all starts with the two in this set.

The set includes tow ponies that are wearing Santa hats and the ponies are Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie so a yellow and a pink pony can bring some color to your decorated tree.

And these My Little Pony Christmas ornaments are about 2.5 inches tall and they have a little string connected to their heads for easy hanging in the tree.

Now any My Little Pony fan can have ponies in their Christmas tree all thanks to this fun ornament set.


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buy Doctor Who 3D Christmas Tardis Ornament

Doctor Who 3D Christmas Tardis Ornament

This year you can have a Tardis ornament in your Christmas tree and that makes it perfect for a Doctor Who fan like you.

This is a 4.25 inches tall ornament of the Tardis and it is in 3D. The Tardis looks like the normal blue police box only this time there is snow on it and a Christmas wreath on the door.

And to show the world that even the Doctor like to party they added some lights inside that switch in color to make it look like a real Christmas party.

Yes, your Christmas tree needs this Doctor Who Tardis ornament!

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buy Finding Nemo Personalized Ornament

Finding Nemo Personalized Ornament

If you like Nemo from Finding Nemo and Finding Dory then you are in luck because now there is an ornament with this adorable clown fish on it.

The round ornament shows Nemo at the bottom of the sea and below the fish, it has your name and the year printed right on the ornament (if you want) making it really special.

A personalized ornament is great to remember special years and if you get one every year then you will have an amazing tree full of special memories.

The porcelain ornament comes with a gold colored string to make it stay put in the tree this holiday season.

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buy Elena Of Avalor & Sister Christmas Tree Ornament

Elena Of Avalor & Sister Christmas Tree Ornament

If you want a personalized ornament with your child’s name and the year then this Elena Of Avalor ornament is just what you need.

The round ornament shows in the middle and image of Princess Elena and her sister Isabel giving each other a hug. Around the image, your find a white border and on that it will have your name and the year printed so that is personal for you and your family. And the ornament also has a chrome edge with a red ribbon to make it even better looking.

Now two Disney princess can celebrate Christmas with you thanks to this tree ornament.

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buy One In A Minion Christmas Ornament

One In A Minion Christmas Ornament

Other than bananas what do the crazy little yellow Minions love? I would say Christmas, the Minions are bananas over Christmas.

This is a very great looking round glass ornament that is all gold with a very fun Minion image, based after the Minions seen in the Despicable Me movies and the Minion movies.

The Minion image is bordered in with a sparkle blue line and features a two eyed yellow Minion holding one finger high in the air. In the background, you see many other Minions and find the saying “1 In A Minion”.

Made to look very classic and traditional from glass this round ornament measures 80mm in diameter. This is the perfect gift for any Despicable Me fan who really love the Minions.

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