Cars RPM #64 Die-Cast

Piston Cup Racer Car nr 64

As boys like toys and little boys like cars this die-cast Piston Cup Racer will be a great addition to the complete Cars racing team. Like all the other Mattel die-casts in this series the scale is 1:55 and that makes it great to play with.

For instance this racer car nr 64 can of course fit in the Mack Hauler.

So go check out this model of Car #64

Die-Cast Mack Hauler

Mack Hauler the transport truck from the movie cars

Where would Lightning McQueen be with Mack his transport truck. And that is why this Die Cast scale 1:55 truck from Mattel is a great addition to your collection of Cars die casts.

This Mack truck can open the back up so that you can load all your loved cars characters inside. This is a must have kids toy.

Check out the photo’s and info about the Die-Cast Mack Hauler