buy Batman Bookend Set

Batman Bookend Set

Now Batman fan can have an organized book collection all thanks to this Batman Bookend Set.

This bookend set includes two bookends and both are made from black metal and on one bookend you will find Batman and he is reading a book. The second bookend just has the Batman logo sticking out so still looking cool and clearly Batman themed.

So now you’re comic books, normal books, DVD’s and more can just keep standing up making it so much neater and lots cooler because Batman is there and your books are keeping organized.

Now is a great time to clear up your bookshelves and organize your Batman comic book collection.

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buy Batman Symbol Crop Top

Batman Symbol Crop Top

Now you can get this Batman Symbol Crop Top and show how amazing the Batman logo looks on you.

This women’s crop top come in women’s junior sizes Small – 2XL and they are all made from 100% cotton.

On the black shirt it has the famous yellow Batman logo that we all know and love and now you can wear it and show how amazing Batman symbol looks on you.

Crop tops are great and this one is perfect for anyone that likes Batman or just his classic symbol.

So get ready to look stunning by ordering your own Batman crop top and show the world how much you love Batman.

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buy Batman And The Joker Washroom Poster Set

Batman And The Joker Washroom Poster Set

Now there is this Batman And The Joker Washroom Poster Set that will look great in your bathroom.

The set of two poster shows Batman on one and The Joker on the other and both are sitting on the toilet while readying a comic book.

It will be fun to add this set of posters to your bathroom especially if you are a big fan of the DC Comics duo.

You can get the poster set in different sizes so that they are the perfect size for you washroom.

Just get a nice frame around it and you will feel like you are part of the DC Comics universe when going to the toilet.

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buy Wonder Woman Logo Shower Curtain

Wonder Woman Logo Shower Curtain

Now there is this Wonder Woman Logo Shower Curtain that will be just perfect for in your bathroom.

This Wonder Woman shower curtain is 71 x 71 inches and made from 100% polyester and machine washable. Besides the shower curtain it also comes with shower hooks so that you can hang it as soon as it arrives.

As you can see the top of the shower curtain is red and the bottom part is blue with white stars and in the middle you find the famous Wonder Woman logo in yellow and together is also looks a lot like the costume Wonder Woman wears.

I am sure that this shower curtain will brighten up the bathroom of every Wonder Woman fan you know.

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buy Superman Pet ID Tag

Superman Pet ID Tag

If your dog is super and need a tag then check out this Superman Pet ID Tag.

On the round pet tag is says “Super Dog” and below that it shows the logo that Superman and Supergirl have on their chest.

On the back of the dog tag it has room for 4 lines of text that will have your information on it when you get the tag at home so that it is all read for on your dogs collar.

And that means that your dog never really have to get lost anymore because anyone that finds your super dog can contact you.

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buy Tennis Ball And Rope Batman Dog Toy

Tennis Ball And Rope Batman Dog Toy

Now your dog can have this fun Tennis Ball And Rope Batman Dog Toy.

If you like Batman and your dog does to then surprise your pet with this fun dog toy.

The toy has a rope that is yellow and black and is shaped like the number 8 with in the middle a tennis ball that is yellow too with on it the black Batman symbol.

The Batman toy is 11 inches long and 4.5 inches wide and is great for a fun game of tug of war as we both know your dog will enjoy playing.

So make your dog a bigger Batman fan by getting it a new fun toy.

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buy Harley Quinn Diamonds Leggings

Harley Quinn Diamonds Leggings

Now there are these Harley Quinn Diamonds Leggings.

These women’s leggings are what we can expect the classic Harley Quinn to wear. The leggings have a red leg and a black leg and on the side of the legs you can find the diamond pattern you know from playing cards and of course Harley Quinn and they sparkle.

These leggings are pretty fun to wear as they are so bright and different then most people wear. Besides as everyday wear you could also choose to wear them as part of your Harley Quinn cosplay or Halloween costume.

You can get these Harley Quinn leggings in women’s junior sizes XSmall – 3XL and they are made from 95% polyester and 5% spandex.

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buy Wonder Woman Soap

Wonder Woman Soap

Now there is Wonder Woman soap because even a superhero needs soap to wash themselves.

This is a nice bar soap that you can use in the bathroom, kitchen, or shower.

This Wonder Woman soap is a bar of soap with an amazing cover on it that has the Wonder Woman logo and of course the famous female superhero is on it to and it even says “make bath time legendary”.

So if you know someone that loves Wonder Woman and need some soap then this bar of soap makes for a nice present but it may make them think they stink.

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buy Harley Quinn Bruce Handbag And Backpack

Harley Quinn Bruce Handbag And Backpack

Now there is this fun convertible Harley Quinn Bruce Handbag And Backpack.

If you have seen the Birds of Prey movie then you know the design of this bag as it brings back memories to the shirt Harley Quinn wears in the movie and even the pendant she wears on her necklace that says Bruce on it after her pet hyena.

This is a two in one bag, one way it was a mini backpack with fun red and white straps and you can easily change the straps around into a crossbody handbag with a fun white handle in the middle with metal studs.

So now any Harley Quinn fan can have two bags in one.

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buy Cute Toddler Batman Shortall Set

Cute Toddler Batman Shortall Set

Now there is this Cute Toddler Batman Shortall Set that will make your infant look like a little superhero.

This set includes a blue shirt but it is all about the fun pants set that is plaid in yellow and blue and on top it has a big Batman logo on the front and on the pants it shows his name “Batman”.

The kids outfit comes in sizes 12 – 24 months so that it will fit your child perfectly.

No matter if the parents or the child loves Batman this fun outfit will make the infant look adorable and they will like it as it has the Batman symbol on it.

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