buy Batman Symbol Duct Tape

Batman Symbol Duct Tape

Now there is Batman Symbol Duct Tape and you can use it on almost anything.

This tape is black and also covered in the Batman logo which really makes this tape pop.

The Batman tape is 10 yard long and 1.88 inch wide and it has a waterproof backing so that you could use it in the weather.

With Batman tape you can decorate stuff and by doing so it becomes a true Batman item.

Make your school binder look great by adding tape to it or add some tape to your bike helmet or maybe the bedroom door, this tape is just fun so be creative with it.

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buy Batman Chess Set

Batman Chess Set

Now there is this Batman Chess Set that makes you play the classic board game in a superhero style.

This chess set is the classic game we all have seen but this games is also way cooler looking.

The board is black and purple and the play pieces are all related DC Comics. You will play Batman and Catwoman vs The Joker and Harley Quinn and there are way more Batman details through fans will like.

Even if you don’t know how to play chess but want something cool in your home then this Batman chess set is what you want as it will look great on a side table in your home.

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buy Batman And His Ride T-Shirt

Batman And His Ride T-Shirt

Now you can get this Batman And His Ride T-Shirt that just looks amazing.

This Batman t-shirt is available in men’s sizes Small – 7XL and XLT – 3XLT and all are made from preshrunk cotton.

As you can see the Batman t-shirt is black and on it you can find Batman looking over his Batmobile and there is also the famous bat symbol and together it really looks really neat. And there are some smaller details too including tire tracks and  cool striping.

If you are a big Batman fan and want a really cool t-shirt then this could be the perfect shirt for you.

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buy Batman Logo Sneakers For Toddlers

Batman Logo Sneakers For Toddlers

Now your little one can be wearing these fun Batman Logo Sneakers For Toddlers.

The Batman sneakers come in a bunch of sizes for toddlers and little kids.

As you can see the sneakers are white with black elastic bungee laces and then on top a velcro close that says Batman on top of it. On the side of the show you can see a black Batman logo and inside the shows you will find a yellow lining that is covered to the famous Batman symbol too.

Even if your child does not understand Batman yet but you are a big fan then these shoes are made for the kids because you can show off how cool these sneakers look on them.

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buy Batman And Robin Logo Necklace Set

Batman And Robin Logo Necklace Set

Now there is this Batman And Robin Logo Necklace Set that is great for just you or to share with a special friend.

This necklace set includes two necklaces and on each necklace you can find half the Batman logo and each half has a name on it one says Batman and the other says Robin and that makes this a great friendship necklace.

So if you have a Robin in your life or maybe a Batman then why not share this special piece of DC Comics jewelry with them but I am sure this will look great on just you too.

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buy 48 Inches Tall Batman Action Figure

48 Inches Tall Batman Action Figure

Now need for a small Batman figure anymore because now you can get this 48 Inches Tall Batman Action Figure.

This action figure can move its arms and looks just like the real Batman and is only a little bit smaller as this Batman is only 48 inches tall and that has to be one of the biggest Batman action figures out there. And like the real Batman this action figure has a cloth cape too.

This Batman toy is rated ages 3+ and at 48 inches he is really big especially next to your child.

And when you press the Batman logo on his chest then you will see him projecting the bat symbol on a wall in your home.

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buy Batman Story Cubes

Batman Story Cubes

If you like a fun game to play then come check out these Batman Story Cubes.

This board game comes in box with 9 dices and each of them have a picture on it and with those dices and the pictures you can now make a story and that means you own creative Batman adventure.

Rory’s Story Cubes are great to play by yourself but even better when you play with friends as then the real fun can come out.

On the dices you can see lots of different images like The Joker, prisoners, building and more and all are just perfect for a fun little story that could lead to lots of laughter.

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buy Batman Christmas Socks

Batman Christmas Socks

Now you can get ready for the holidays thanks to these Batman Christmas Socks.

These Batman crew socks are great on both men and women and are made from 97% polyester and 3% spandex.

As you can see on the picture the socks are black with a yellow print that really make you think Batman and then there are the Batman logo and and his name on it and also lots of Christmas details.

So now you can wear the socks and feel like a superhero at your holiday party or even when you unpack Santa’s presents you may find under the tree.

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buy Kids Black Batman Pajama Set

Kids Black Batman Pajama Set

Now there is this fun Kids Black Batman Pajama Set.

If you child likes to play Batman then this sleepset is extra awesome as it is a great pajama but it is also a fun Batman costume making it fun for play and sleep and maybe even Halloween.

This Batman pajama is available in kids sizes 4 – 10 and it is made from 100% cotton.

The long pants are black but also have the Batman logo close to the waist and then there is the long sleeve top that is all black with the big Batman symbol on the front and even the yellow tool belt that Batman has and that makes it really look like a Batman costume that you can sleep in.

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buy Batman Baby Costume

Batman Baby Costume

Make you babies first Halloween memorable with this Batman Baby Costume.

This Batman costume is available for babies 0 – 12 months and I am sure that your baby will feel like a true superhero in this outfit.

This Baby costume is a onesie with the whole costume printed on it included the famous yellow bat symbol on the feet and there is a cape and hood to so that it is a complete Batman costume.

Halloween or just fun your baby will be a superhero.

Or if you like to go to Batman conventions then your baby can have it’s first experience in this cosplay outfit.

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