buy Minion Kevin Figure Mug

Minion Kevin Figure Mug

Now you can have a Minion Kevin figure mug and drinking your morning coffee out of that is way better than out of a boring plain mug.

The Despicable Me mug is shaped like Kevin and is yellow with the eyepiece with two eyes on it and yes Kevin is wearing his blue coveralls.

And the Kevin mug is made from ceramic so it is great to drink from and it does not really matter what you drink from it because everything you do drink from it will make you smile as the Minion mug is just fun to look at while you drink.

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buy Dorbz Agnes Figurine

Dorbz Agnes Figurine

Now fans of Agnes from Despicable Me can own a Dorbz Agnes figurine of this little movie star.

The Dorbz figurines are known for being round and cute and Agnes is already cute so this figurine makes her look even more amazing.

The figurine is based on Despicable Me 3 and she still looks the same as in the first movies wearing her cool outfit and hair and I am sure she still loves fluffy unicorns.

Agnes is 3 inches tall and rated ages 3+ so even the kids can enjoy this vinyl collectible figurine made by Funko.

Any true Despicable Me fan needs to own this Agnes figurine so don’t wait too long before adding her to your collection.

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buy Minions Cookie Making Set

Minions Cookie Making Set

If your kids like baking cookies and Minions then this Minions cookie making set is what you need.

The set includes a Minion shaped cookie cutter, yellow Minion rolling pin, and a Minion frosting bag with multiple tips.

A fun set like this could be perfect for a fun project to do with your child and by using these fun Minion products they could learn how cookies are made and after they are done they will have a treat to enjoy as they deserve a Minion cookie after all the hard work.

The nice part is that all the parts are included in this kit so that baking Minion cookies becomes really easy.

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buy Despicable Me 3 Coloring Book

Despicable Me 3 Coloring Book

Now there is a Despicable Me 3 coloring book that will bring back memories to the fun movies we have seen in the Despicable Me series and bring the new too so that there is a lot to color for everyone.

Gru, Lucy, Balthazar Bratt, the girls, and Minions too as they are so yellow and funny

Of course, all the characters in this book are just line drawings as you have to color them and that means that you can make pink, green, blue Minions and Gru can wear a fun colored suit this time.

The deluxe coloring book has 80 pages and that means that there is a lot of coloring for you to do.

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buy Despicable Me Kids Minion Sleeping Bag

Despicable Me Kids Minion Sleeping Bag

Now there is a Minion sleeping bag for kids that love the Despicable Me movies.

The kids sleeping bag is dark blue on the inside and the outside is covered in Minions as they all want to see your child sleep.

And this Despicable Me sleeping bag is easy to fold up and store so that it is always ready to use. Now sleepovers will be extra fun because Minions are there to keep you and your friends company.

A kids sleeping bag like this may not be for hardcore camping when it’s cold out but besides that this Minion sleeping bag is just perfect.

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buy Scarfed Minions Christmas sweater

Scarfed Minions Christmas sweater

If you want a Minion Christmas sweater then this is what you need to see.

This women’s Christmas sweater is red and has some green and white Christmas trees on the top and bottom but it is all about the two Minions in the middle as they seem cold as they are wearing a scarf and no they don’t both wear their own scarf, they are using one scarf for both of them and that makes me wonder what happens when they start walking.

You can get this Despicable Me Christmas sweater in women’s sizes XSmall – XL and it is made from 58% Cotton, 36% Polyester, and 6% Acrylic.

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buy One In A Minion Christmas Ornament

One In A Minion Christmas Ornament

Other than bananas what do the crazy little yellow Minions love? I would say Christmas, the Minions are bananas over Christmas.

This is a very great looking round glass ornament that is all gold with a very fun Minion image, based after the Minions seen in the Despicable Me movies and the Minion movies.

The Minion image is bordered in with a sparkle blue line and features a two eyed yellow Minion holding one finger high in the air. In the background, you see many other Minions and find the saying “1 In A Minion”.

Made to look very classic and traditional from glass this round ornament measures 80mm in diameter. This is the perfect gift for any Despicable Me fan who really love the Minions.

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buy Pirate Minion Outdoor Inflatable

Pirate Minion Outdoor Inflatable

If you like Pirates, Minions and Halloween then this outdoor inflatable is what you need.

The inflatable looks like a yellow Minion looking not happy and being all dressed up like a pirate. And the Minion is 9 feet tall which makes him pretty tall compared to most humans.

With Halloween, this Minion Pirate loves to stand in your front yard so that it can scare the trick or treaters while still looking amazing.

The inflatable Minion is made by Gemy and comes with stakes and ropes to keep it in place and the pirate will inflate himself when you plug it in.

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buy Women’s Minion Bikini Set

Women’s Minion Bikini Set

If you like Minions then this Minion bikini is just what you need for your visit to the beach.

The string bikini is black but on that you can find Minions on both the bikini top and bottoms. And the Minions are not dressed for the beach but they are wearing bling to be cool.

Beach or pool this women’s swimsuit is just what a Despicable Me fan needs.

And don’t worry the Minions are not real they are just pictures so not much can go wrong on that summer day you like to wear this.

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buy Minion Stuart Golf Club Head Cover

Minion Stuart Golf Club Head Cover

If you would like a fun little helper when you play golf then you have to come get this Minion golf club head cover.

Sure the Minion is not much use besides protecting your golf club from harm and making it easy to spot but he sure is cute.

The Minion you get is Stuart the one eyed Minion that we have seen in many movie like Despicable Me and the Minions movie.

Stuart will fit many clubs and would be a great addition to your golf gear and just imagine peoples reactions when they see a Minion sticking out of your golf bag.

Get your Minion Stuart Golf Club Head Cover