buy Mega Construx Minion Advent Calendar

Mega Construx Minion Advent Calendar

Count down until Christmas with this Mega Construx Minion Advent Calendar.

If your child loves Despicable Me and Minions and would like to have to new toys then this advent calendar is just perfect as it has 24 pockets of which your child can open 1 each day starting December 1st.

Inside the pockets you can find little toys including some Minions that are wearing Christmas sweaters and they will get lots of festive editions too so that it becomes a complete fun play set.

I am sure that kids all ages want this advent calendar but it is rated ages 5 and up.

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buy Despicable Me Minion Hooded Towel

Despicable Me Minion Hooded Towel

Now you can look just like a Despicable Me Minion with this children’s hooded towel.

This is an all yellow towel that features an attached hood and has the print of a Despicable Me Minion. When you put the towel on and hood up you see the Minion body outline. The hood has a print of two eyed goggles and eyebrows.

A great way to shoe off your love for the aminated series of Despicable Me and the little fun yellow Minions. The towel is made for children and perfect for the beach, swimming pool, showers or maybe dress up parties.

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buy Minion Stealing Coins Money Bank

Minion Stealing Coins Money Bank

Now there is this amazingly fun Minion Stealing Coins Money Bank.

Anyone that likes Despicable Me and Minions that has coins will have a laugh with this cute money bank.

The bank is a yellow box with Minion printing on it and then there is a round spot on the top and when you put a coin on it something fun will happen as the top will open and a Minion will steal the coin and store it inside it.

I am sure that kids and adults will keep enjoying this Minion piggy bank and when friends will visit ask them for a coin to show them the fun money bank at work.

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buy Minions At A Crosswalk T-Shirt

Minions At A Crosswalk T-Shirt

Now you can have a fun Minions At A Crosswalk T-Shirt that is made for the whole family to enjoy.

This t-shirt is turquoise in color and comes in styles for men, women, and kids and it comes in sizes from 6 months all the way up to adults 10XL.

On the t-shirt, you can see some houses and clouds in the background and then there is a crosswalk and there are 4 Minions crossing the road and giving some bad examples about how to cross the road as they all seem to be distracted by other things and not really watching traffic.

But all in all, it is a cute t-shirt that is perfect for anyone that loves Minions and the Despicable Me movies.

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buy Minions Having Fun Lamp

Minions Having Fun Lamp

Despicable Me fans in need of light should check out this Minions Having Fun Lamp.

This lamp comes in two versions on as a desk lamp style that would look great on a nightstand or side table and there is a tripod version that will look great on the same tables too. And if you already have a light stand then you can just get the light shade.

On the lampshade, it shows 3 Minions jumping around and having fun which is just fun to look at if you are a child or if you are a big fan of Minions and the Despicable Me movies.

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buy Minion Money Bank ATM

Minion Money Bank ATM

Sure there are piggy banks but this Minion Money Bank ATM is way more fun.

This is not just a normal money bank but this one has slots for coins but also one for paper money.

This bank is yellow with a blue part on the front and the eyes of a Minion on it and that makes it look like a square Minion.

And it is kind of an ATM too as there is a pin pad on the front that can open the money bank so that you can get access to all the money you saved so that you can spend it on something special or take it out to bring it to the bank.

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buy Minion Birthday Invitation

Minion Birthday Invitation

Get ready for a party all thanks to the Minion Birthday Invitation.

Despicable Me fans young and old can now send out their own personalized invitations.

These invitations look a lot like a blackboard with on it a row of balloons that spell “Hooray” and on one of the balloons, you can see a minion just hanging.

Just type all the personal info when you order and you will get these fun Minion invitations just the way you want.

You can select different styles of paper and in different sizes too and all come with an envelope.

And as you can get can get just one invitation or 1 billion you can get the right amount without having to worry about wasting a bunch.

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buy Minion Character Backpack

Minion Character Backpack

Now there is a fun Minion Character Backpack that is just made to go on adventures with you.

This backpack looks like the typical Despicable Me character in blue and yellow with it’s face with two big eyes on the front.

The Minion backpack is a 17 x 12 x 5.5 inches in dimensions and that makes it nice and big and perfect for school and different adventures. And the outside of this backpack almost looks like it is made from leather and that is different then most backpack and that makes this Minion look even more special.

Time to go on a crazy adventure with a Minion on your back.

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buy Minion Oven Glove

Minion Oven Glove

If you where a Minion it is better not to be cooking but if you like them then check out this Minion Oven Glove.

So now you can have a Despicable Me oven mitt that looks like the black glove the Minions wear and they do have the G logo on it.

The Minion oven mitt looks like an glove made from silicone witch is made to protect your hands from the heath.

So now you can cook like a Minion but probably a lot better as those yellow creatures are really clumsy and you are most likely not as clumsy as them.

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buy Inflatable Minion Costume

Inflatable Minion Costume

If you want a cool Halloween costume and like bananas then you should check out this inflatable Minion costume of Stuart.

The adult costume will look great on both men and women.

The costume is a full body jumpsuit that inflates itself with the included fan that runs on batteries (batteries not included).

As the Despicable Me costume of Minion Stuart inflates it really looks cool as it is all puffy and round and nobody will know who you are.

Being a Minion is great fun for Halloween and this costume will work great as a cosplay outfit too.

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