buy Tennis Ball And Rope Batman Dog Toy

Tennis Ball And Rope Batman Dog Toy

Now your dog can have this fun Tennis Ball And Rope Batman Dog Toy.

If you like Batman and your dog does to then surprise your pet with this fun dog toy.

The toy has a rope that is yellow and black and is shaped like the number 8 with in the middle a tennis ball that is yellow too with on it the black Batman symbol.

The Batman toy is 11 inches long and 4.5 inches wide and is great for a fun game of tug of war as we both know your dog will enjoy playing.

So make your dog a bigger Batman fan by getting it a new fun toy.

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Spider-Man Character Dog Toy

Now there is this Spider-Man Character Dog Toy that is great for the dog and for a  superhero fan like you.

This dog toy looks a lot like the real Spider-Man only instead of arms and legs there are ropes in red and blue and the body of the superhero has a squeaky sound in it to so that everyone will know you dog likes to play.

I am sure that you and your dog can have hours of fun playing with Spider-Man and even when not in use the dog toy is just fun to have lying around as it will bring back memories of your favorite superhero.

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