buy Dragonfly Inn Room Key Chain

Dragonfly Inn Room Key Chain

Now Gilmore Girls fans can have this Dragonfly Inn Room Key Chain.

The Dragonfly Inn is that place in Stars Hollow where everyone should stay because the rooms are nice and now you can have this key chain that will make your key looks like a room key for the Dragonfly Inn and that is really cool.

It is one of those things a true Gilmore Girls will want to have as it is just fun but also so perfect because all the true fans would like to stay at the Dragonfly Inn and be meeting Lorelai and enjoy a meal cooked by Sookie.

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buy Dragonfly Inn Tote Bag

Dragonfly Inn Tote Bag

Gilmore Girls in need of a shopping bag should check out this Dragonfly Inn tote bag.

The Gilmore Girls bag is 16 x 16 inches and has a 28 inch long strap.

On the tote bag you can find the same images on both the front and the back. You can find an orange design with lots of dots and then in the middle you can find the Dragonfly Inn logo and yes that does include a dragonfly.

A fun bag like this is something that will be appreciated by all the Gilmore Girls fans and it is perfect for shopping, school, and anything else you need a bag for.

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buy Dragonfly Inn Stars Hollow T-Shirt

Dragonfly Inn Stars Hollow T-Shirt

If you are a true fan of the Gilmore Girls then you just need this Dragonfly Inn t-shirt.

The t-shirt is available in styles for men and women and is available in many colors and sizes Small – 3XL and all are made from 100% preshrunk cotton.

On the t-shirt, you can see the logo of the Dragonfly Inn in Stars Hollow, CT.

Simply wear this t-shirt and people that don’t know that Lorelai owns the Dragonfly will just think a fun shirt for a place you stayed at and real Gilmore Girls fans will smile and maybe even high five you.

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