buy Morty Key Chain

Morty Key Chain

Now Rick and Morty fans can get this fun Morty Key Chain that even talks to you.

The Rick and Morty key chain is a Talkie Dots key chain and that means that if you press the button on the back of Morty he will talk and Morty knows 6 phrases so you never know what he is going to say.

The key chain shows Morty and his mouth wide open and you can even see his tongue and teeth that so amazed he is when he sees your world.

A fun key chain like this is great for you keys or just a fun talking toy for a true fan of Rick and Morty.

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buy Dunder Mifflin Key Chain

Dunder Mifflin Key Chain

Now fans of The Office can own this Dunder Mifflin Key Chain.

Your keys deserve a nice key chain and if you like The Office then this key chain is just perfect. The key chain has a nice loop for the keys but it also has a pendant with the Dunder Mifflin on it.

The whole key chain is chrome colored with in black the Dunder Mifflin paper company logo on it.

Besides keys you could use this The Office key chain as a zipper pull on your jacket or backpack so that people can see that you are a big fan of The Office.

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buy Dragonfly Inn Room Key Chain

Dragonfly Inn Room Key Chain

Now Gilmore Girls fans can have this Dragonfly Inn Room Key Chain.

The Dragonfly Inn is that place in Stars Hollow where everyone should stay because the rooms are nice and now you can have this key chain that will make your key looks like a room key for the Dragonfly Inn and that is really cool.

It is one of those things a true Gilmore Girls will want to have as it is just fun but also so perfect because all the true fans would like to stay at the Dragonfly Inn and be meeting Lorelai and enjoy a meal cooked by Sookie.

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buy Hello Kitty Personal Alarm

Hello Kitty Personal Alarm

Now you can feel safe on the go all thanks to this Hello Kitty Personal Alarm.

The personal alarm looks a lot like a key chain with the head of Hello Kitty on it but there is a hand strap that has a pin on it and when you don’t feel safe then hold the strap and pull it when in distress because then the alarm will give you a really loud noise of 140db.

Kids or adults that want to feel safer on the go can now do so all thanks to Hello Kitty. Just have her hanging on your backpack, handbag or maybe even your jacket so that she is ready to sound the alarm.

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buy Rainbow Dash Key Chain

Rainbow Dash Key Chain

Now My Little Pony fans can get there own Rainbow Dash Key Chain.

This key chain has a metal Rainbow Dash on it that has all the colors of this pony on top to make it look just like the real Rainbow Dash.

And like every good key chain this has a key loop for your keys too and there is a little clip to so that you can clip things to it.

Besides for your keys you can use this to as a fun charm for on your backpack or your jacket.

My Little Pony is fun and now you can bring Rainbow Dash with you whenever you take your keys.

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buy Peephole Frame Key Chain

Peephole Frame Key Chain

Now your keys can be together on this Friends Peephole Frame Key Chain.

The key chain has the normal loop for your keys and then there is a little chain that leads to a yellow picture frame with a purple middle and a hole and true Friends fans know that this is the peephole of the apartment of Monica and Rachel.

The metal key chain looks fun and that is what we all need. And as a peephole goes on the door of the home the key chain would be just perfect for holding your home key and maybe you can have a similar peephole on your door.

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buy Blue French Horn Key Chain

Blue French Horn Key Chain

Now you can get this How I Met Your Mother Blue French Horn Key Chain.

We all know how Ted stole the blue french horn for Robin and now you can get a special someone in your life a blue horn.

This is not a full-size blue horn like in the TV show but this time it is a key chain and maybe you can give it with a key on it. And this key chain comes in a nice box that is engraved with “I Would Have Stolen You A Whole Orchestra”.

So if you like How I Met Your Mother even though no new episodes are being made then this key chain would be perfect to have and remember the fun show.

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buy Westworld Logo Key chain

Westworld Logo Key chain

Now there is this special Westworld Logo Key chain.

If you are a big fan of Westworld and need something to keep your keys together then you should check out this Westworld key chain.

The key chain has a key holder with a chain and on that, there is a circle with on it the Westworld logo but there is more because you can open it and then you will find the famous maze inside it.

So now you can have the famous logo and maze that we all know from the first season of this amazing TV series.

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buy Grey’s Anatomy My Person Key Chain

Grey’s Anatomy My Person Key Chain

Now there is this Grey’s Anatomy My Person Key Chain set that you can share with the person in your life.

We all know that the gang of Grey’s Anatomy are a close group and they see each other often as their person and if you have a person in your life then you should show it like they do on the TV.

And this key chain set is just the gift for that for that special somone in your life that love Grey’s Anatomy. The key chain set are two puzzle pieces that fit together and they say “You are my Person” and “You will always be my person” on it. And they key chain can even be personalized for you.

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buy Captain Marvel Key Chain

Captain Marvel Key Chain

Now there is an amazing Captain Marvel Key Chain.

With the female superhero being known by the whole planet you can now show that you like this Marvel superhero by having this Marvel key chain that just shows it off while keeping your keys together.

The key chain is made from pewter and has a key ring for your keys and a clip for adding functionality and then there is a round pendant on it that has the famous star of Captain Marvel on it and her colors red and blue and then on the lower edge it has her name Captain Marvel printed on it.

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