buy Baymax Plush Funko Fabrikations

Baymax Plush Funko Fabrikations

This Baymax plush is something every Big Hero 6 fan needs.

The plush is part of the Funko Fabrikations series and has number 24 on the box.

The plush Baymax looks just like the real Baymax did in the Big Hero 6 movie only a whole lot smaller so that you can cuddle with it whenever you want.

And Baymax is not a little kids toy, it is rated ages 14 and up.

The Baymax plush has a rotating head so that he can look where ever you want him to.

And Baymax comes in a nice box to that you can keep as his little home for when you are not playing with this adorable Big Hero 6 star.

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buy Inside Out Fabrikations Plush Of Sadness

Inside Out Fabrikations Plush Of Sadness

Inside Out Fabrikations Plush Of Sadness

We all feel blue once in a while and most times it’s this character in your head making you feel like that.

Now you can have your own Sadness plush figure from the movie Inside Out.

This plush figure of Sadness is not a kids toy it’s rate at ages 14+ so more a super cute and soft collectible.

Sadness is 6 inch tall and just super cute even though she looks so sad and blue. And this Fabrikations figurine comes in a nice window box so that it can stay in it’s own house without having to get dirty if you like that.

So now is the time to get your Inside Out Sadness Fabrikations Plush.

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