buy Hanging Slimer Halloween Decoration

Hanging Slimer Halloween Decoration

If you want a nice slimy creature to be part of your Halloween decorations then you should check out this hanging Slimer Halloween decoration.

Ghostbusters fans all know Slimer and now there is a 17 inches tall character that you can hang somewhere in or around your home.

And if you hang Slimer it is kinda freaky and perfect for Halloween as he is easy to hang somewhere.

Now you just need someone in a Ghostbusters costume coming for trick or treat then they will love Slimer too.

Sure you can have an outdoor inflatable that looks great but something as fun as this Ghostbusters creature is different and special.

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buy Ghostbusters Slimer Mask

Ghostbusters Slimer Mask

If you are a Ghostbusters fan in need of an amazing Halloween costume then this Slimer mask is what you need.

This is not really a mask but a complete headpiece. Just wear the Slimer helmet and it looks like you are partly eaten by Slimer and your head is sticking out of its mouth.

Slimer is made from 100% vinyl and looks just like the Ghostbusters character complete with arms on the side.

Halloween, cosplay, or Ghostbusters marathon wearing this Slimer mask is just what you need and people will look amazed when you are wearing it.

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buy Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Oven Mitt

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Oven Mitt

If you like to cook and you like the Ghostbusters then you just have to get this Stay Puft Marshmallow Man oven mitt.

The oven mitt looks just like the big Marshmallow Man from the Ghostbusters movies only this one is a bit flat as it is an oven mitt.

Cooking will be extra fun because now you can get your cooking done without burning your fingers and all thanks to the Ghostbusters character.

And yes you can take this Ghostbusters oven mitt camping too so that you can use the Marshmallow Man oven mitt when you are toasting some marshmallow on the campfire.

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buy Ghostbusters Key Chain

Ghostbusters Key Chain

If you like the Ghostbusters and want something to remember them by then this Ghostbusters key chain is what you need.

The key chain shows the famous Ghostbusters logo with the ghost and the red sign and you can find this logo as a metal key chain.

A key chain like this is great for your keys as that may be a given but you can also use it to decorate a backpack or maybe even use it as a zipper pull on your jacket and that way ghosts will see it and know they have to stay away.

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buy Ghostbusters Pinball Machine

Ghostbusters Pinball Machine

I really like classic pinball machines and if you do to then check out this Ghostbusters pinball machine.

And the cool thing about this machine is that it can be yours. The machine is made by Stern Pinball and will ship for free.

Just imagine enjoying a game of pinball and having one of the actors speak to you while you play.

And yes Slimer and the Marshmallow Man are part of the game.

This Ghostbusters pinball is not based on the new movie but on the classics and it has amazing artwork all over.

Now is a good time to start that arcade in your home and a masterpiece like this should be part of it.

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buy Ghostbusters Marshmallow Man Toddler Costume

Ghostbusters Marshmallow Man Toddler Costume

Now even the little one in the family can be part Halloween with this Stay Puft Marshmallow Man costume from the Ghostbusters movies.

The toddler costume is available in sizes T2 and T4 and includes a romper and a headpiece that makes you child look just like the real Marshmallow Man only a lot smaller.

Just imagine going out for Halloween you dressed up as a Ghostbusters and your child dressed up like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man that would be so much fun and I am sure you will get lots of smiles from other people when they see you .

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buy Ghostbusters Women’s Jumpsuit Costume

Ghostbusters Women’s Jumpsuit Costume

This Ghostbusters jumpsuit costume if for all the female ghost hunters.

The women’s costume includes a jumpsuit and inflatable proton wand.

So simply put on the jumpsuit and start hunting down those pesky ghosts or even the slimy or marshmallow kind.

Cosplay, Halloween and other dress-up occasions are perfect as this costume is easy to wear and still makes you look like a true Ghostbusters and it even has the famous logo on the arm.

This officially licenced Ghostbusters costume is available in many women’s sizes so that you can get one that is perfect for you.

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buy Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Apron And Hat

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Apron And Hat

The Marshmallow man from the Ghostbusters movies is famous of course and now you can look a bit like him while you cook.

And Apron and chef’s hat will make you look like the Ghostbusters bad ass.

On the apron, you can see the famous marshmallow body and the chef’s hat has a blue edge that says “Stay Puft” and there is a red ribbon on top.

A set like this is great for a bbq party but also works in the kitchen of course and may even be perfect for your Halloween party.

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buy Ghostbusters Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Sunglasses

Ghostbusters Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Sunglasses

Always wanted to looks a bit like the Stay Puft Marshmallow man from Ghostbusters?

Now you can by simply putting on these shades.

The Ghostbusters sunglasses are white and seem that have a mean look to them and on the right side, you can see the sailors hat that says “Stay Puft” on them just like the real Marshmallow man wears.

The Stay Puft sunglasses are made by Sun-Staches and offer 100% UV400 protection and that makes them real sunglasses.

Of course, these sunglasses are also great as part of you Halloween or cosplay costume.

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buy Ghostbusters S’Mores Anyone T-Shirt

Ghostbusters S’Mores Anyone T-Shirt

Everyone remembers the giant marshmallow villain in the classic Ghostbusters movie. This time the Stay Puft marshmallow man has met his match.

On the front of this t-shirt you see the classic Ghostbusters character Stay Puft. Stay Puft is in the middle of chocolate and two graham crackers with an angry look on his face. To top it off the back end has a large bite out of it, and that might be one trap Stay Puft can not get out of.

This t-shirt is made to be both durable and comfortable from 100% cotton. It is available in a wide selection of size Small to 6XL and many different fun unique colors. And it comes in men and women’s styles so that both sexes can enjoy wearing one.

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