buy Helium Kitty T-Shirt

Helium Kitty T-Shirt

Helium Kitty T-Shirt

Basically it is like this, why get a Hello Kitty helium balloon when you know it is just going to loose air and shrivel up. If you really want a super cute balloon just get the image on a t-shirt, imagine the squeeky voice of Hello Kitty now.

This t-shirt features a unique image of what Hello Kitty will look like as a helium baloon along with a written saying of “Helium Kitty”.

Available in a huge selection of sizes that range from Small to 6XL for men and women and it’s  made from 100% cotton to give you a very durable long lasting shirt aswell as super comfortable and soft, also check out the many different colors to choose from.

Get a closer look at the Hello Kitty Helium Kitty T-Shirt.

buy Hello Kitty Leopard Print Vans Unisex Sneakers

Hello Kitty Leopard Print Vans Unisex Sneakers

Hello Kitty Leopard Print Vans Unisex Sneakers

Van’s a trusted and classic design for a skate shoe or an everyday shoe, combine the classic authentic Van’s with the ever popular feline friend Hello Kitty and you have an out of this world combo to wear on your feet.

This shoe features a leopard print all over with multiple head shots of Hello Kitty wearing her trademark bow and just like in Van’s fashion the rubber sole is white.

Sizes range from a 3.5 to an 6.5 US Men and a 5 to a 8 US Women both men and women sizes go up in size by 0.5 half sizes.

Get into these stylish Hello Kitty Leopard Print Vans Unisex Sneakers.

buy Hello Kitty Mascot Costume

Hello Kitty Mascot Costume

Hello Kitty Mascot Costume

Cheer and support your team or just dress up as the cartoon character Hello Kitty!

Featured here is a mascot costume of the loveable kitty Hello Kitty with a pink frilly dress, pink shoes and a large white plush head with a cluster of daisy’s for a bow.

Included in this Hello Kitty deluxe costume is the head, body suit, gloves and shoes.

The Hello Kitty mascot costume is available in a wide range of sizes from XS to 2XL so kids to adults can enjoy being everyones favorite kitty, the head can be dry cleaned and the rest of the suit can be washed in a machine.

Get into the Hello Kitty Mascot Costume.

buy Hello Kitty Headphone Earbuds

Hello Kitty Headphone Earbuds

Hello Kitty Crystal Earbuds

Listening to music, playing on a mobile device just got a lot more stylish.

On these earbuds you will see the lovable head of Hello Kitty done with white crystal rhinestones making up the face, black rhiestones for eyes and find a beautiful red crystal rhinestone bow maiking this not just headphones but a great addition to your jewelry collection.

The Hello Kitty headphones are an earbud style made from shiny smooth metal with a nice soft silicone for comfort, they are compatible with any standard audio jack and some of the many devices are the Apple iPhone, iPod and iPad, blackbery, Samsung Galaxy, Nintendo DS and so much more.

Turn up your bling with the Hello Kitty Crystal Earbuds.

buy Hello Kitty Sterling Siver Earrings

Hello Kitty Sterling Siver Earrings

Hello Kitty Sterling Siver Earrings

Everyone loves Hello Kitty and now you can have some fun earrings to show the world how much you love her.

These sterling silver earrings are nickel free and show the face of Hello Kitty complete with bow of course. And no there is no color on there earrings just silver with black details.

The studded earrings are 9 x 8 mm and that makes them great for kids and adults.

Now Hello Kitty can go where every you go as this special jewelry is just perfect in size and perfect to wear.

If you are looking for new earrings then why not look at these Hello Kitty Earrings.

buy Hello Kitty Bike Helmet

Hello Kitty Bike Helmet

Hello Kitty Bike Helmet

Do you have a kid that like Hello Kitty and needs a helmet for biking or skating?

How about this white Hello Kitty helmet that is covered in a plush cover and has the face of Hello Kitty on it and even ears and a pink bow.

This helmet is bike and ASTM-1492 skate compliant and size 51 – 54 CM.

A helmet like this is so cute that kids may even wear it inside and doing all kind of stuff because now they can look like Hello Kitty by wearing a safety helmet.

So lets go play outside and when a helmet is needed then go wear this Hello Kitty Bike Helmet.

buy Hello Kitty Rainbow Rain Coat

Hello Kitty Rainbow Rain Coat

Hello Kitty Rainbow Toddler Rain Coat

Are you looking for the perfect kids rain coat?

How about this Hello Kitty rain coat that comes in kids sizes T2,T3 and T4.

The rain coat is purple and has a big rainbow on the front with Hello Kitty on the end of the rainbow and then there are peace signs and hearts and even the words “Hello Kitty” and yes that is just the front. On the back of this Hello Kitty rain coat you have again Hello Kitty with her name and this time really big.

This Hello Kitty raincoat is lined so that it also feels nice to wear when it rains.

Make some kids happy with this Hello Kitty Rainbow Rain Coat.

buy Hello Kitty American Flag T-Shirt

Hello Kitty American Flag T-Shirt

Hello Kitty American Flag T-shirt

Hello Kitty is proud to show off the United States flag almost as much as she loves cookies and mama’s apple pie.

The front of this Hello Kitty shirt has the American flag with its wide red stripes and the right upper front is blue with white stars.

Hello Kitty is delighted to sit in front of the flag with her matching red hair bow.

This light grey 100% cotton, short sleeve t-shirt is slightly cropped at the front and longer at the back and comes in junior women’s sizes small and medium.

Show your love of the U.S. flag and Hello Kitty with this Hello Kitty American Flag T-Shirt.

buy Hello Kitty Party Cups

Hello Kitty Party Cups

Hello Kitty Party Cups

A Hello Kitty birthday party of course needs fun cups.

And now you can have Hello Kitty paper cups that are pink and have fun colored balloons on it besides of course a picture of Hello Kitty and her name.

These party cups come in a pack of 8 and offer the space 9 ounce of your favorite party drink.

Just imagine the party table with these fun pink Hello Kitty cups standing there waiting to be used.

And as these party cups come in a pack of 8 you will be ready for a small Hello Kitty party and I am sure the kids still love these cups after the party is long over.

Come and get ready for the Hello Kitty party by ordering these Hello Kitty Paper Cups.

buy Hello Kitty Tank Top

Hello Kitty Tank Top

Hello Kitty women's tank top

Hey ladies are you all ready for the summer or do you have a little more shopping to do?

Well, if your a fan of the adorable Hello Kitty she  is coming to you on this cute Hello Kitty Tank Top.

This cute black ladies Hello Kitty Tank top features a picture of Hello Kitty on sitting on a crescent moon in front of the Sri Yantra in outer space.

It has tank top style straps and a racer style back and is available in sizes from Small to XL.

Keep cool on a hot summers day and wear this cool Hello Kitty Tank Top.