buy Wonder Woman Soap

Wonder Woman Soap

Now there is Wonder Woman soap because even a superhero needs soap to wash themselves.

This is a nice bar soap that you can use in the bathroom, kitchen, or shower.

This Wonder Woman soap is a bar of soap with an amazing cover on it that has the Wonder Woman logo and of course the famous female superhero is on it to and it even says “make bath time legendary”.

So if you know someone that loves Wonder Woman and need some soap then this bar of soap makes for a nice present but it may make them think they stink.

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buy Mister Rogers Soap Bar

Mister Rogers Soap Bar

Now there is this Mister Rogers Soap Bar that is just perfect for washing your hands or just for having lying around.

This soap bar shows the famous Fred Rogers and one of his puppets and it also says “You can Never Go Down the Drain It’s Such a good feeling!”.

A fun bar of soap like this is a nice piece to have lying around to make your day but you can also choose to use it and then it is good to know that the soap has a fresh milk and cocoa butter scent and is not tested on animals.

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buy Dora The Explorer Hand Soap Pump

Dora The Explorer Hand Soap Pump

Making kids wash their hands became so much easier with this Dora The Explorer hand soap.

The soap from comes in a fun soap dispenser with Dora and her friend Boots.

And besides having Dora on it the soap is also magical as it turns in to foam when you pump it out of this dispenser.

So if you kids like Dora then they want to wash their hands with this soap.

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buy Spongebob Squarepants Hand Soap Pump

Spongebob Squarepants Hand Soap Pump

Wash your hands with real Spongebob soap.

And this hand soap is put into a fun Spongebob Squarepants soap dispenser.

This hand soap made by Softsoap is magical as when you pump it out of this Spongebob dispenser and start using it then it turns into foam.

Bathroom time will be so much more fun all thanks to SpongeBob Squarepants

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