Iron man Kooky Klicker Pen

Here you have an highly collectable Iron Man product. Yes it is a pen and yes it is key chain to but first it is a Iron Man Kooky Klicker pen.

This Iron Man pen is hand painted and of course refillable so you never will run dry while writing with this special pen.

Go order your own Iron Man Kooky Klicker Pen.

Spider-Man Webcam

A Spider-Man webcam that would be fun.

The base of this webcam looks like a spiderweb and the camera looks like a real photo camera and out of this camera some film comes out and that is where you see pictures of Spider-Man.

If you like to see friends and let them see you then this webcam will be loads of fun because now you can video chat with all your friends.

Look no further and order this Spider-Man Webcam.

Spider-Man Skyline Glass

Check out the 3D Skyline on this Spider-Man Glass. This is a 4 set of  Spider-Man light up drinking glasses, each glass is a different color so you will want to collect them all. It has a removable bottom and is dishwasher friendly on the top rack. Bright flashing lights come from the 3D skyline to make every sip a fun one.

Check out this Spider-Man Skyline Glass.

Iron Man 2 Calendar 2011

Iron Man 2 2011 Wall Calendar

This Calendar for 2011 will give you some cool movie stills from the movie Iron Man 2 and of course all designed in a Stark Industries high tech design.

Go order you copy of the Iron Man 2 2011 Wall Calendar.

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Superman 4GB USB Drive


WOW! Check this Superman 4GB USB Thumb Drive Dog Tag out. This might be the coolest USB drive you will ever find. It is made from stainless steel and has a long neck chain. You can wear it as a necklace and no one will even know it is a USB drive, unless ofcourse it is another huge Superman fan, because they will probly have one.

Get your Superman 4GB USB Flash Drive.

buy Spider-Man Bag

Spider-Man Bag

Are you a Web-slinging Spider-Man?

Do you have the proper accessory to make sure you capture and contain all enemies?

Well, here it is the Spider-Man Bag, great for a Spider-Man theme party or to go with a costume.

Look for your Spider-Man Bag.

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buy Spider-Man Candy Sticks

Spider-Man Candy Sticks

Spider-Man collectors this is one of those items you just can’t live without.

This is a retail box of 30 packages of Spider-Man Candy Sticks and each package has a glow in the dark tattoo inside. This is one of those products you will not find easy so you found this one so be quick and……

Get your Spider-Man Candy Sticks